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The big leaving letter


May 12, 2017
For those 5-10 last people who sometimes visit the forum :haha:

I been thinking about this long time, wasnt sure if i should make gigantic fuck you letter to every person that i ever met here or just say bye. So here i am with fuck you letter, because this place doesn't deserve better one.

I am not sure how long i havent been on flux servers, but i think it was about year if you ignore few missclicks i managed to do, so bunch of you don't even know me unless you are on discord or this dead forum. There are alot of people i managed to met and been friends with, but also managed to met bunch of complete degenerates.

Anyway here is every person i remember from this place:

The "friends" :blobguns:
Lord Gaben:
He was only one i ever trusted here to the point i gave him few items, he managed to get me into comp side of tf2 and out of few problems on different places. This man was the only one who wasnt acting like 90% of this retarded place and actually used brain (or at least sometimes :haha: ).
SMALL EDIT: He also gave me items, now stop REEEEING into my discord daddy

One of the few admins i managed to remember as she was only active one when i started in this community, sadly for this community but good for herself she is now begone from this place too, and no one can blame her cause how bad it got

Papa communist always gave me bread for my fellow comrades. Nice admin, really weirdly sarcastic but otherwise fine. The only bad thing i remember is basically his fetish on t0nks, causethats gay asf.
Dovacally like gaben, also helped me getting into competitive tf2

AinsleyH: :meat:
I remember this guy, idk where he went, probably giving some good old rub to meat. Oh also he was the nicest admin from you all, or at least thats how i remember it

Jerry (the one with picture of jerry in his profile pic):
Lmao he begone he probably wont even read this, still nice guy most of the time.

Lmao leave and refund u dummy.. ur too epic gamer for this community

The shitfaces that should commit flappy birds irl: :thinkhang:

Honestly, nothing really good about him, toxic drama whore seeking attention cause his parents probably didnt gave him any, this guy probably doesn't deserve this.. but here take it anyway: Fuck you aUtIsT rEtArD, kYs LmAo

Ciri ( That demoknight main killing everyone the same moment as they fuck up or delay for 0.001 second):
Probably no one remembers you, but you were drama whore too, made gigantic drama about shitty ban that expired within 1 day, toxic in-game but never got reported as you always left the second someone who could report joined

Who? :haha: , now all the jokes aside, this guy probably wont even read this as he beaned cause spam faggot got angery. well basically your YouTube channel friccin gay lmao, thats it heck u XDD

And the biggest one:

Fix your fucking community and let people be admin, This isnt fucking blackwonder, it's better to have someone who sometimes swears or just calls someone asshole then having dead community that's filled with toxic kids without anyone ever looking after them, the forums are dead, the discord is fucking dead and probably even servers are dead. The only people from admins that do something is Aubble and Dova.

You should delete this community to save on money a bit (if you or someone even pays for this shit), this community makes kids toxic and retarded 90% of time and no one fucking does anything about that, the only "good" places are the fucking 0/32 players servers as no toxicity if no players

Most admins that left did it because of this fucking community and you not giving any shit about it. You dont deserve the big "fuck you", it's the shitty way you treat this community that deserve that

The only thing i will regret about this is that i didnt left this place earlier, for rest of you who wanted me to leave, good job your dream came true
Anyway that should do it.. from people i remember at least, there are bunch of other people who i might put into "friends" list or give them the "fuck you".... If i didnt mentioned you its probably cause idk who you are or just didnt realized you are here too.

I might stay untill new year and sometimes show up after that if i would decide to get cancer or steal memes again, otherwise, have fun with this freekilling void called flux.tf :thinkhang:
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Spectacularly Lethal
Aug 30, 2017
Welp good luck bud, thanks for the mention by the way. I guess this is where the old veterans die to let the children rule flux from here on in with perhaps a few old faces here to there.


Will absorb your soul
Staff Member
Sep 13, 2017
Reee why am I not on the most hated

Anyway, sad to see you go.


Sufficiently Lethal
Sep 3, 2017
Yo later Jan, have a good one and keep going on playing highlander right.


Staff Member
Jun 10, 2017
mak gud apple on blickwunder;

it be a long time so apple can be accept but then perma ban next time you is toxic and go around reeing people saying "stfu u stoopid fegget xd"


May 12, 2017
Well and with this, i am snapping myself from this horrible place, for bunch of you happy new year and for rest (or bigger part of flux..) fuck off

:haha: i will maybe get somewhere last message so i can end at 300 of them :haha: