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about the !fire command


Scarcely Lethal
Staff Member
Feb 3, 2018
my suggestion is that the fire command shouldn't be enforced by the rules but it should be enforced by the plugin. what do i mean:

you can only fire half of the alive blu team, if the number of the blus is an uneven number(3,5,7,9,11.)then it would round up to be an even number (2,4,6,8,10.), what i mean is if you devide 2 into equal halfs only 1 person would be able to be fired, 4/2 is 2 people that could be fired, but if theres 3 people 3/2 would be 1,5 so the number would be rounded to the higher side which is 2, 5/2 is 2,5 and that is 3 people that can be fired, and also depending on the number of blus alive it would fluxiate - at the start of the round 5 blus alive and theres 1 warden so only 3 blus can be fired, some time later 2 blus die that means that only 2 wardens counld be fired because 3/2 is 1,5 and rounded that is 2, and if there were 2 blus arlready but they or other blus are already dead then the warden that were fired number wont fluxiate - at the start of the round 5 blus alive 1 gets randomly picked as warden he gets fired then another blu takes warden and he also takes warden and so theres curently 1 more warden that could be fired cause 5/2 is 2,5 and thats rounded up is 3 but if 2 blus are killed then 3/2 is 1.5 and that rounds up to 2 - because 2 wardens have already been fired you couldn't fire any more. but if theres 1 blu alive from the start of the round he can be fired(if theres only 1 blu after some time and there were 2 or more and 1 of the wardens were fired then they could be fired cause - 2/2 is 1 that can be fired if the reds fire the warden and kill him then they cant fire him because there was already 1 person fired even though 1/2 is 0.5 rounded up 1.

this would be added in so it would be a counter mersure to the reds just firing the wardens so they get freedays and if something fire related would be added into the rules it could be argued that it was a false fire, you could still do with this, but atliest with this there still could be a round.

if you have any questions ill try to answer them to my best ability.


Somewhat Threatening
Jul 22, 2020
I am going to go with 1+

Because: people on red Fire people on Blue so they can get freedays which is extremely annoying. because there is no proper round This doesnt always happen but it can happen sometimes. and i dont see any Downsides to this suggestion

Changing vote to -1 because of what Zak said This isnt a downside except the The delevopers have to work and it is Uneeded and its true very unlikely maybe your overthinking???
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Staff Member
May 18, 2020
i rarely have witnessed successful attempts of firing , usually only three or four players use the !fire command and the rest just ignores their calls to join them , in rare cases where wardens kept on forcing reds to play the same games over and over a fire attempt would be successful ; i also have never witnessed the whole red team actually agreeing to fire each warden back to back until they got a freeday , an easy fix to this would be to lock warden ; thus i only see the suggested idea as almost unneeded extra programming and very rarely occurring counter measurement.