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A mouse's resolution for 2019


Spectacularly Lethal
Aug 30, 2017
Yeah it's clickbait but oh well. I wanted to make this forum for something more serious about me and where i'm going for 2019. I've been thinking this for awhile and honestly i'm not surprised if much people expected it after Jan made his post saying he would be leaving. I've been on flux now for over three years and saw the rise and fall what it seems to be. I'm aware I was mostly a Jb player and that not much traders/dr players know me however I make this thread to the whole community, or at least the most part what knew or cared for me being around. I apologize if this is a sad twist to your new years on flux (lets face it most likely not) that i'm officially leaving flux as a whole. I've hardly ever been on now for a few months anyway so there wont be much of a change but this is to say I won't be on the forums again, inactive on the discord as well as not joining any servers such as jb. There are multiple reasons i'm doing this really such as school, socially in real life as well as others. This isn't me going to be entirely gone, however you might just see me on discord messing around or on DR rarely as i'm enjoying it at the moment. Of course i'll still be on TF2 despite not being on as much around these days because i'm just not enjoying it as much as I used to and am beginning to branch off to other games more strategy currently but i'll evolve to like more as it goes.

Anyway here's something i'm stealing off Jan's leaving forum and that's to the people i knew the most around these servers and what I have to say about them,

Lord Gaben : Not going to lie you're one of the greater people i came to be friends with on flux and car pirates was the shit. Still going to talk to you most likely on Hugo's server so there isnt much of a bye really.

Jan : You're funny and sarcastic but thats the comedy I enjoy. It's good to see you're moving on and wish you luck on what you want to do.

Oli :
Beat you haven't heard this name in awhile I'll be honest i wasn't the most fond of you when you first came on here i'm sure you know yourself with our arguments however overtime i learnt to find you funny and im fine with you now

Ainsley : Despite not being around anymore one of the coolest admins who actually tried to help this dying community and I have to respect that. Out of all the admins here I considered you head admin due to that

Dova : No offence but the only reason u got accepted is because flux has no admins and your forum wasn't accepted either way you're cool enough

Katlander :
Another name you haven't heard in along while The first admin I meet on flux and one of the coolest people here, sad she never came on much but oh well it deserves a mention

Death/Adam : Basically saved my steam account for me so i cant give him enough credit for that thanks bud

Razertex : Dont really know him but i'm really proud of myself for making the "Who" meme about this kid

That's all I will do now because I could add a extra 20 people if i wanted but it's getting too long anyway so the last one is to the owner, Noodl.

Despite never really seeing you your community has went down the fucking shithole. Your admins nowdays as much as i love most of them are useless nowdays (apart from two or three) they're all inactive and because of that, donors had to pick up that shit mess. And because of no admins rules got constantly broken and that threw people away causing admins to leave and the cycle continued. This community compared to what it was a year ago is fucking shit now and will get worse and worse the more you ignore it. If you dont care about that allow me to put it into perspective. Less players = Less money

I don't know if i'll really be coming back officially or not. Just keep my account on forums in case. As for what community I'll go to now, i'm not sure. Maybe ill visit blw sometime in spring/summer and bring my shit over there

Nice knowing you flux community, hope to see some of you soon,
Your wonderful mouse,