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Recent content by Dova

  1. Dova

    Declined VodkaNine's Ban appeal

    Even if it was a rickroll, how the fuck was I meant to know? I'm going to explain this simply because you seem to be a bit slow, If someone posts a link and claims it's child porn, people will believe you and nobody is going to then click it because as far as they know, it's cp and they don't...
  2. Dova

    Oh no, a ghost

    Oh no, a ghost
  3. Dova

    OutOnOwen doesn’t exist anymore

    OutOnOwen doesn’t exist anymore
  4. Dova

    Declined Value votes from regulars more.

    All votes are valid and equal in worth
  5. Dova

    Declined palutena goddess of light's Moderator Application

    Thank you for applying. Unfortunately, we have decided to decline your application; You may reapply after 60 days.
  6. Dova

    Resolved kringu's punishment appeal

  7. Dova

    Resolved Where'sTheLambSauce's Ban appeal

  8. Dova

    Resolved mech's teamban appeal

    Accepted, you will be Unteambanned.
  9. Dova

    Resolved I got perma band from blue team in jailbreak

    You were teambanned by @Zak[DZ] for No mic. If you want to be unteambanned then you should prove you have a mic to a mod or admin and you will be unteambanned. When appealing can you please use the template next time.
  10. Dova

    Declined beefbrain's spectacular staff application (aka boolProp, vin, dogs**t)

    https://www.panda-community.com/threads/mass-freekill.22132/ https://bans.blackwonder.tf/index.php?p=commslist&searchText=STEAM_0%3A1%3A32642854&Submit=Search
  11. Dova

    Declined beefbrain's spectacular staff application (aka boolProp, vin, dogs**t)

    Not looking good so far https://bans.flux.tf/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=STEAM_0:1:32642854&Submit
  12. Dova

    “Last seen, 10th june 2020” ):

    “Last seen, 10th june 2020” ):
  13. Dova

    Resolved 's Homer Simpson appeal

    You can find this out by pasting your steam profile URL into this https://findsteamid.com/en/home For "No Mic" Teambans, you will need to verify it when an admin / mod is present
  14. Dova

    Accepted Balance out teams during Warday LR

    That's the point of war day, it's meant to be a large number of reds vs a smaller number of better equipped blus