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Unfair Teamban

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Jul 2, 2020
It was a guardban so I don't have a link
- Name of your Banned Steam Account? Manlord
- Steam ID STEAM_0:0:69687915
- Date and Time of the Ban Ahhh don't remember the time, but it was yesterday
- Reason/Explanation of the Ban "MFK"
- Admin that Banned You: Their name looked familiar but can't remember

Here's the scoop, I was banned over telling the reds to bomb rush to the marker (meaning one marker) and put multiple markers. People have done this order for weeks and yet I'm the one who gets banned? Now the first time I did it, the admin used their mic to say something and it was cutting out and people were talking over him. I think they were talking to me, but their (bad) quality of the mic is not my problem nor is they were letting people talk over him. The second time I did this, they banned me, then left. That's the other issue they didn't bother listening to my side of the story and left. Any community I've been apart of had a REQUIRED amount of hours admins needed to be on the server.

Last edited: Jun 7, 2020
Not open for further replies.