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Pending Renewal of Warden menu

After reading the post, what should be done with the Warden menu?

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Dec 7, 2020
Hihi, everyone!

So, from my times being a Warden, I've noticed there are some "options" from the Warden menu that are either redundant or don't work. These options are (from what I remember):
  • Toggle Medic Room
  • Invite prisoners to BLU (not sure if this is the right name)
Also, from the server that I used to play JB in (not BlackWonder), Warden was able to mute all REDs and mute all BLUs. I think this can come in handy when there is too much micspam coming from one team, as many people complain about not hearing Warden when there are 3 or 4 people talking at the same time, and BLU not being able to do anything except for "REDs using a mic is KOS" (yes, I saw this once).

E: Of course, I do understand that with these new options, there are ways for Warden to abuse this, but there's not that much that can be done when there isn't a mod around.


Jan 2, 2021
I think that you are talking about some maps cuz some maps some warden menu things dont work cuz that is how the map was made.
Like some maps u can open doors with menu but u have to press button.