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Declined Goose man thingys admin app

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Pootis Cupcakes

Aug 1, 2017
- Name: wait i have a name?????
- Age: 18
- Steam name + ID: (Both the name and the STEAM_0:xxxxx)
Sir.Goose STEAM_0:1:81631311
- Specify your timezone and rough playtimes~
I play TF2 between roughly 5pm and 10pm GMT/BST due to college.
- Have you been an admin before and where?
I've been admin on a minecraft server for several months over the summer, and have a good knowldge off the admin commands.
- What servers are you primarily applying for?
Mostly EU jailbreak and dr, however I'm able to go onto other servers when needed.
- Which admins (if any) do you know?
Kat, zblock (when he was an admin), engie, adam, aubble, katalander, dova
- Are you familiar with the admin role and commands? ie - what is expected of you
I'm fairly familiar with the admin role and the commands and what s expected of me.
- Why would you be a good addition to the servers as an administrator?
I feel like I'd be a good adition to the team as I'm fairly active when I'm not busy with college work.
- Give us a brief rundown of punishments you'd give out to users breaking different rules.
If someone accidentally freekills I'd slay the person that accidentally freekilled and respawn the person freekilled by mistake.
If someone is purposely freekilling (mass freekilling) I'll team ban them for 1 hour, if repeated, perm team ban them.
If someone is mic spamming I'll warn them then mute them for 30 - 120 minutes depending on the severity of it.
If someone is chat spamming I'll gag them for 30 - 120 minutes depending on the severity.
If someone is hacking (Aimbot, wallhacks and other kind of hacks) I'll permanently ban them.
If someone is being racist, I'll mute/gag them for 1 hour.
- Anything else you'd like to add - maybe a bit about yourself, ie - interests, hobbies, education, etc etc
lemme farm sniper kills on u plz


Sufficiently Lethal
Sep 3, 2017
You're banned from Bear Uk for low fov aimbot and so many people claim you use it on jailbreak.
Not open for further replies.