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Declined Apply For Admin

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Nov 10, 2018
Age 15

Not mic on BLU: Permanent team ban
Freekilling: 30min ban for the first time, 1h ban for the second time, 2h ban for the third time
AFK in blu: Teamchange (not sure if can to) or kick
Not speaking English when being on BLU: Permanent team ban
Getting glitched out of the map: Smite

Forum (This runs by XenForo so I mostly know how to use it):
Spamming in shoutbox: Telling them to stop, otherwise shoutbox ban for week
Spamming threads: Forum ban for 1d for the first time, 5d for the second time, 2w for the third time
NSFW spamming: Forum ban for 1w for the first time, Permanent ban for the second time
A lot of continuing disrespect: Forum ban for 2d for the first time, 5d for the second time, 2w for the third time
Bypassing ban: Permanent IP-ban

There might be a lot of more punishable things, but those are the things I got out of my head.
- Anything else you'd like to add - maybe a bit about yourself
I am a loser who watches anime, living in Finland. I am currently learning Swedish, Russian and of course English. My future plans are to go to college, as I survive on the school fine already. I am Medic main in TF2, with 200h alone as a Medic. I have 200 hours in TF2, and I started to play 1 years ago.
I made this application at 1:00 AM so there might be some typos.
I can add something by commenting if you want to.


Will absorb your soul
Staff Member
Sep 13, 2017
Hi @doglover
We have decided to Decline your application. This is due to you not using the correct format and plagiarism.
Not open for further replies.