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an addition to the rules.


Scarcely Lethal
Staff Member
Feb 3, 2018
an addition to the rules i think are needed about the days:
this is what i think should be added

"when there's a day active and somebody baits, you still have to follow the day and if the red doesn't follow the day trying to hit/kill the baiter, it would result in the red being KOS."

this is suggested because when i played as warden and gave the order "lava day is currently active" and repeated multiple times after that a guard came into the cells to check out if anybody decided not to follow the orders the reds decided to go onto the floor and tried kill the guard even tho he wasn't in their melle range and after they got slayed off by the guard using a shotgun the reds that got killed said its a freekill and when given the reason that it was lava day so they have to follow the day and they may only hit the baiter only if the baiter gets in the melle range of the red their escuse was that he baited because the guard was in the cells which is mainly the red part of the map.
(the day comes first even if a blu is baiting)
and it should propobly be added in so the warden wouldnt have to explain why it wasnt a freekill and plus the admins wouldnt have to explain it a lot because it would be in the rules and those who read the rules before playing on a server would also know that they would be kos if they tried to hit a blu who baited when there was currently a day active and they failed to follow the day



Sufficiently Lethal
Staff Member
Aug 30, 2017
I agree regarding that days should still remain active even if a RED is being baited. I'll make such changes when the Staff are in agreement as well. Regarding not having to explain, I don't think this'll be too necessary, a simple reference to rules will suffice and regulating such explanations will become tiresome and cumbersome.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention