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Recent content by Dovakin3004

  1. Dovakin3004

    Good evening, Flux

    Welcome to the forums
  2. Dovakin3004

    Pending Basic jailbreak quality of life things (Open suggestions)

    Rebelling isn’t meant to be easy. Its high risk, high reward but with the absence of crits, the risk disappears. Also there will always be a max of 2 reds for every blue so Blues are always at a disadvantage.
  3. Dovakin3004

    Declined starvepro's Moderator Application

    When we ask for your SteamID, we don't mean your Steam name.
  4. Dovakin3004


    Granted but they are only law abiding irl, ingame every player is a rulebreaker. Wish I had a high paying job
  5. Dovakin3004


    Granted, but the Nutella expired. I wish I had more unusuals
  6. Dovakin3004

    No need to be a wanker Hugo

    No need to be a wanker Hugo
  7. Dovakin3004

    Lord Gaben's app

  8. Dovakin3004


    Welcome to the forums
  9. Dovakin3004

    Worst meme of 2018?

    Fortnite and anything to do with it
  10. Dovakin3004

    Yelo has arrived with his bucket of yellow paint

    Welcome to the forums
  11. Dovakin3004


    Welcome to the forums
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  13. Dovakin3004


    Welcome to the forums! Enjoy it here.