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New TFStats


Positively Inhumane
Staff Member
Mar 8, 2016
Copy and pasting my release thread from Blw. I'm replacing HLStats (which will remain at stats.flux.tf for legacy until a TFS website is made) as apparently a less finished, but functional system is preferred to whatever HLX is described as.

TFStats is the replacement for the old HLStatsX point program, written in 2009, and barely functions now. I've been writing it from the ground up since late summer~

It's been a lot of work, but I think it's ready for the introduction thread now.
Goodbye 13252514472 points bug.

This thread is for detailing a few FAQs and reporting smaller bugs as and when they are found.

Some of you will not care about points, which is fine, but some will. It's a nice addition to competition and getting players to stay, in my opinion. Plus, I can do a lot more with it once rankings begin building up. I intend to make some form of lottery/reward for most points gained monthly, or something.
  • Standard stuff: you gain points for kills, lose for dying. Calculations based on point totals.
  • Points are gained for plenty of other events, such as airblasting, and airshotting, headshots, ubers, etc etc.
  • The format for each message is [TFS] Got/Lost X points for Y (Z) - Z is your updated point total, not the other person, if you killed/died to someone or something. X is the action that happened.
  • The top 3 of each server are awarded a special colour, and rank colour in their join message - if you don't want your title displayed, a new menu item will appear for you to toggle it
  • Global leaderboards, server leaderboards, and the next 10 players ahead of you are visible from the menu. These are recalculated at regular intervals.
  • Chat is actively recorded, time, author, map, etc etc.
  • "Where is the website, Noodl?" Well, there isn't one. My job was the plugin, and backend, Benedevil has the responsibility of the website, as I don't really want to do it. Web code is eeeh. Not into graphics. More on graphics later.
  • All values are adjustable per server, default values for point modifiers were just random values I thought were suitable. When the website is a thing, this can be adjusted more, and values can be suggested on a per-server basis. I changed some myself manually, like on dodgeball, but cba to do that for lots.
  • TFStats main menu can be found by typing /tfs, /stats, or /rank
  • Points: /points: directly tells you your point total, and number gained during your session
  • Rank: can be shown off in the chat with /rank
  • TFStats website (requires cl_disablehtmlmotd 0) - takes you to the website - unwritten, as of yet.

There may well be (and probably are) still bugs in the code.
If you experience any bugs, please report them here, in detail. Before you do, make sure to type sm_tfs_version, if the version isn't 0.3.6, don't report the bug until the version number is up to date.
I may start documenting changelogs here so people know what has been fixed, but maybe not pushed to servers.

Want something adding in?
Post it here. I've most likely missed conditions for points, or just not thought of everything. If you want me to code points/handlers for other TF2 events - Kill a medic during an uber (world damage), blah blah etc, you get the point.

List your ideas for features, and I'll consider them. Onwards and upwards, and since I barely play the game anymore, you'll have a better imagination than I will.


(Can't guarantee I'll remember to update this for everything)
  • Bug fix: altered global leaderboards to compensate for people joining more servers, therefore cumulating 1000 extra points per server.
  • Bug fix: suiciding counts as killing yourself - being inside a func_spawnroom won't be penalised.
  • Bug fix: You can no longer gain points by destroying your own buildings
  • Bug fix: Killstreak points weren't being awarded if you were killed by invalid clients, or yourself. They also end, and are rewarded upon round win.
  • Bug fix: You can no longer airshot teammates for point abuse.
  • Bug fix: You can no longer heal/extinguish friendly pyros who self-ignite for points.

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Truly Feared
Oct 19, 2017
wait what this all about


a stupid
Staff Member
Jun 7, 2017
Hell yes, a new thing for Flux.
I can make a new logo for TFStats later, I will submit it here when done.
Keep up the good work, Noodles. :meat:


Brisk God
Staff Member
Aug 30, 2020
Very good. I remember having a lot of issues with HLstatsX:CE during 2018-2019.