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Read Me Staff Application: Read Before Applying!

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Apr 10, 2020
Personal Information


Anything that isn't defamatory, racist, or contains slurs.

Your Age

This is self explanatory.


Won't normally be evaluated either negatively or positively.

Your SteamID

If you do not know how to locate your SteamID click here.

Server Information

Have you managed servers previously?

If no, then there will be a negligible influence on your app.

If yes:
If you weren't a good admin, if you brought chaos to the community or if the community gained more than they lost when you left then it will have a great negative influence on your app.
Should you have a history of being a remarkable admin, who helped the community a lot, who people trusted in you, etc... then it will help you quite a bit in your app.
Being an admin in certain communities may influence how some people will react to your app, both positively or negatively depending on community and person reading the app, the reason why you left(in case you did) might be helpful when reviewing your app.

In case you lie: Your app will lose credibility and it will negatively influence your app. If there is suspected plagiarism you will be declined immediately.

If Yes, which ones?

Just list the servers you were admin on and if possible the duration, when you started and when stopped(in case you aren't admin there anymore).

Are you familiar with admin commands?

Just pick the correct one, because if you know admin commands doesn't play much of a role for the application itself, rather it will only tell us that in case you do get the spot, then you will have to learn the ABC of admin commands.

On which servers do you usually play?

The servers you play can influence your app a bit. If you have experience with many servers you would also be able to deal with rule breakers in a wider range of servers and occasions. If you don't actually play a certain game mode but know the rules we have for that game mode is something you should write in here.

Application Questions

Why do you want to become an admin?

Simply put the reason why you want to be an admin, here you can put a lot of work, good example of things to mention are:
-When you decided to apply.
-Why you decided to apply.
-Why do you think you should become an admin.
-Experiences, abilities and knowledge that might be of use(for you and the community).
-Maybe even some of your history at Flux.tf

Grammar, vocabulary, etc... basically good use of the English language should be cared for when writing your app and will be a main point when evaluating your app.
Refrain from trying to manipulate the readers, specially trying to make them sentimental, as this won't help you at all and would rather harm your application; keep things neutral.
Take your time to write this section, elaborate on it and once you are finished read and correct it, then read again, once you are finally pleased submit it.
Try to make it reader friendly, you can write as much as you want, we will also read it, just make sure you keep it clean, as it will help you look even better for us.

Do you know any of our current staff members?

Refer to the next point

If Yes, please tell us the their names.

"Do you know staff members?"
Keep this in mind when putting someone's name in here:

Those are valid reasons to have someone in here:

-You were given permission to list the admin and they have vouched for you. (Best case scenario)
-You communicate with the person very often and he can distinguish you from the multitude of other players on the servers. (Him knowing that you are a person that mic spam/freekill/teams with the other team/is friendly on non friendly maps/do false calladmins/etc... doesn't count).
-You know the person in real life.
-You know the admin since before you joined the server/he joined the server and he/she still remembers you.
-You have never properly spoken with the admin, but he knows that you play on the server a lot and also knows that you are not a bad player.

Those are invalid reasons to have someone in here:

-You spoke with them once on discord.
-You saw them in the server once or several times.
-The person isn't an admin, but a donor with fancy colors on his name.
-The person isn't an admin, but a talkative regular.
-Basically any admin you haven't properly had contact with.
-Lastly any admins that can't properly distinguish you from "Random A" and "Random B".

If you place the name of a person that isn't an admin then we will consider that you haven't researched enough before applying and will see it negatively.
If you place the name of someone who later on says that he doesn't know you, then it won't be that good for your app.
Having some/many admins recognize you will be good, as it shows that you had enough time to build connections with the admins before applying.

Please tell us when you usually play and are available.

Depending on the timezone your app will be seen more positively as we don't have admins online around the clock.

How would you go about punishing a hacker, spammer, toxic individual, etc?

Flux.tf has several servers and many different game modes are played in these servers. Worth mentioning are:
-Times X servers (10x,20x etc)
-Uber Upgrades
-Zombie fortress
- MvM

These servers have different ways to play and some have a different set of rules, try to put how you would deal with certain cases of someone breaking a certain rule, and how you would deal with it if the person has broke a rule before of if it is his 1st time, 2nd time... nth time breaking it. Make sure you elaborate a lot on the rule set of the servers you actively play, if you can also on servers you don't play much but have an idea how to deal in certain cases, if you aren't sure that it is too long or too short just say it.

Different things are dealt with different commands, think about it and think if something should be used with command X or command Y and how long a person should suffer under the restriction imposed by that command. Some examples here:

Mute: Can't use voice chat. +(can't join blue team on jailbreak servers)
Gag: Can't use written chat.
Silence: both mute and gag.
Spray ban: can't place sprays.
Teamban: Can't join blue team (On jailbreak servers).
Kick: forced to leave the server. (can join after being kicked without any problem)
Slay/smite/explode: kills a player.
Ban: makes a player unable to join any Flux.tf server.

Some of those punishments last for a certain time defined by you while others have a non lasting effect. But which is which is something you have to find out by yourself.

If you are looking for an example of how a Moderator application should look like, click here. Keep in mind, plagiarism is not tolerated and if caught, your application will be immediately declined.

Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know.

Think of this part as an extension of "Why do you want to become an admin?". Type things that you considered that you considered not really connected to "why you want" but rather "why you should become an admin". Here you can type anything, literally anything. You could for example write:
-gaming experience.
-experience as admin on other games.
-your experience as donor (if you had any).
-examples of your ability making maps, coding, etc...

Things that you should consider when applying:

A clean past is really valuable when applying for admin, therefore some things will be really bad for your application, such as:

-Your list of your own punishments being long.
-You having lost your donor perms for abusing it.
-Bad experience on other communities; such as being banned for hacking, cheating, racism, etc...
-Racism, non constructive criticism, being rude.
-Bad grammar, lack of vocabulary.
-Being a known scammer.
-Being part of a scammer group/hacker group, etc...
-If you had racist/defamatory previous names.
-If you have/had pornography sprays, profile, etc...
-Having a bad blood/animosity with another admin/admins.

Before you apply for admin you should also be aware that we want to have some knowledge of who you are, therefore try to have contact with admins, be active on discord and on the forums, don't make an application as soon as you can, but wait a while, communicate more, make constructive posts/threads, make some reports so we know that you are active on the forum and are actually trying to improve the servers when online.

If you want to become an admin but made a mistake a while ago, or if you have a bad reputation, try to change your reputation slowly, try to make people view you positively before you apply.

Should you have had a previous application denied, read the reasons why you were denied and slowly improve on them;
If it was for bad behavior change yourself, then make the admins notice that you aren't the old you;
If it was for grammar, use a better auto-corrector, work a bit on your grammar and make some posts on the forums with your new and improved grammar and then after a month or two make a new improved thread which everything bad is now good;
If your application was lacking, then wait a few weeks, work on a new one slowly during these few weeks and when you are ready, just copy and paste the new one.
You may have been denied once but there was a reason and you know it. It also doesn't mean that you can never be an admin in the community, once you have improved and you have shown us that you are a better you, there will be no reason left to say no to you.

Good luck if you are applying and pay attention to those points listed above.

Disclaimer: This guide was originally created by a user named Pkay. All credit belongs to that individual.
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