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Jailbreak Rules

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Truly Feared
May 26, 2020
  • KOS = Kill on Sight. If a red is KOS then he is rebelling and needs to be killed
  • AFK Freeze: Don't move, don't look around. The AFK command also implicitly carries the AFM (Away from Mouse) command. This means no crouching or no jumping. Loop taunts are allowed, but any other taunt is not. You are allowed to use voice commands.
  • Freekill: When someone who is following orders is killed for no reason, it is a freekill.
  • Freehit: When someone who is following orders is hit for no reason, it is a freehit.

  • Lava day: Don't touch the floor, get on your beds or chairs (or whatever is in your cells) until the day is over.
  • Out of cell rebel day: Do not leave your cell until the day is over.
  • Inside of cell rebel day: Do not be in your cell until the day is over.
  • Obby day, climb day, ___ day, etc.: Play the minigame repeatedly until the day is over.

  • Baiting: Doing any of the following below as BLU, which is not allowed.
    • Standing in a prisoner's melee range.
    • Stunning, including but not limited to Holiday Punch
    • Revving/Spinning minigun without the intent to shoot
    • Scoping in as sniper without the intent to shoot
  • Force Wardening: A BLU may become the first warden of the round with !w for up to a maximum of 3 rounds in a row.
  • Warden can not lie: Anything the warden says must not be an intentional lie.
  • Do not unwarden to avoid playing warden: If you are randomly selected to be warden, you are not allowed to unwarden. However, if it is a special event day or a Freeday for all where warden is not needed, you may unwarden.
  • Favouritism: You must treat all REDs fairly, and not favour any of them over others. Mini-games like Diner or Theatre which require an opinion must be determined by a popular vote. If there is a tie, the RED should live.
  • No forcing REDs to enact popular change: The warden can not give orders that force REDs to type a command in chat to vote for something, such as !rtv to change map or !fire to fire the warden.
  • Must define days or meanings when asked: You are obligated to define any days, commands, or terminology that is not mentioned in the rules.
  • Special event days can only be done three rounds in a row: Special events, such as Cell Wars, Pokemon Day or Hunger Games can each only be done three times in a row.
  • Give orders before cells open: If you do not do this then you force a Freeday which is not allowed
  • The RED team is entitled to at least one repeat per order: If a RED asks for a repeat, then you must repeat your order for the entire RED team. If you are being over talked or for some reason can not be heard, then you must repeat again.
  • FF is only allowed to be toggled after a mini-game: One mini-game must be played before FF can be activated (excluding cell wars). You are allowed to turn on FF during a game as long as it was played without FF for a reasonable time period.
  • Banned Trick Orders:
    • Trick orders that play on plurality or semantics of words. E.g. marker and markers.
    • Using double or more negatives. E.g. Out of cell rebel day is not not not over.
  • Banned days:
    • Days that force reds to vote for popular change via commands (see above)
    • ”Trust day” or similar days that just enable FF for the whole day
  • The Simon Says minigame is enabled and disabled by simply saying so: In order to play Simon Says, just say “We are playing simon says.” No need to specify who Simon is. In order to stop playing Simon says, just say “We are no longer playing Simon Says.” There is no need to specify that Simon is saying the game is over.
  • Cell wars can only be played with 4 guards or less: If there are 5 or more guards then cell wars are not allowed.
  • LR must be given to the last non-rebelling red: The last non-rebelling red gets LR. You do not need to hunt down and kill all other reds to give LR.
  • When pardoning, all REDs must be pardoned: Warden can not pardon singular REDs, as that is favouritism. If a RED has already died due to not following an order, another RED can not be pardoned for that same action as that is favouritism.
  • BLUs must have a microphone: All members on the BLU team must have a functional and audible microphone that everyone can hear and understand.
  • Last Guard Kills All if they are not the warden: If all BLUs but one are dead and the warden command has locked, the last BLU may kill every single red. This applies to Freedays as well. If the last guard is the warden, they must continue to play the round as warden, unless it is not a regular day (see warden rules).
  • No Teamkilling: If friendly fire is on, BLUs are not allowed to kill each other under any circumstance.
  • BLUs must not be inactive guards: The BLU guards must be with the warden protecting him or hunting down and chasing a rebeller. Not doing either of these is considered being inactive.
  • BLUs must follow the warden's orders: If the warden says to do something or not to do something, the guard(s) must comply.
  • BLUs must not torment Freedays: BLUs must let Freedays do their thing and not bully them with weapons like the Holiday punch or Loose cannon.
  • BLUs must not open cells to force freedays: Do not open the cells before warden is chosen and an order is given, thus forcing a freeday.
  • No Ghosting: When dead, you are not allowed to ghost and give information that people would otherwise not have.
  • No Camping: Do not camp in special rooms such as medic or armoury. Being in these rooms for more than 20 seconds is considered camping. Sticky trapping counts as camping.
  • When going somewhere, take the quickest route: Do not take any detours or delays when told to go somewhere by the warden.
  • Breaking vents or breakables that are part of armoury or cells is KOS: Do not hit or destroy any vents or breakables that lead to armoury or out of cells.
  • Being in locations that lead to Armoury is KOS: Standing in the door of Armoury or the windows of it is KOS.
  • Map secrets that benefit REDs are KOS: Any secrets that REDs must hit in order to benefit themselves, such as to escape or the alcatraz map buff are KOS.
  • Do not impersonate warden: No one is allowed to give orders except the warden, trying to pretend to be warden in order to enact false orders is not allowed.
  • Cheating in minigames is allowed (unless told otherwise): REDs can cheat in minigames, i.e. going above, over or around a minigame to get to the end unless the warden says otherwise. If the warden says “no cheating” or something to that effect then the REDs must go through the minigame the intended way. The warden does not need to specify what cheating means.
  • If the cells are opened before warden gives orders it is a Freeday: If the cells are opened and the warden has not given any orders then it is a Freeday for all and normal Freeday rules apply.
  • Have common sense: Don't be an idiot.
  • Freedays must not:
    • Go into armoury or pick up any other ammo
    • Not hit blues
    • Not block blues.
  • Custom LRs can not be:
    • -Anything that changes what the warden has to say
    • -Anything such as “Give me LR again”
    • -Anything that bullies specific players

Thanks to @kringu for helping with this.
Not open for further replies.