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Accepted Full report on Demobach It's time to get him out of the Flux Community

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Jul 22, 2020
-Name of the rulebreaker(s) :- Demobach
-Steam IDs of the above :- https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198086488300

-Rules they broke, and an explanation or some background info
:- Mass Freekills , Freekills , non explained days and i think they are useless days so we need to add a rule that not anybody add a day like he wants,Bad language, + More

Proof :

So here is how it's going to work you are going to open the links below and under every clip there's a description telling you why did i recorded the following clip

Watch in the same Pattern

-First Clip https://streamable.com/c8dd14
-Second Clip https://streamable.com/2ef75q
-Third Clip https://streamable.com/l87jo1
-Fourth Clip https://streamable.com/4hq4ps
-Fifth Clip https://streamable.com/vfgp84
-Sixth Clip https://streamable.com/jws5sy
-Seventh Clip https://streamable.com/zl51fr
-Eighth Clip https://streamable.com/0x46b7
-Ninth Clip https://streamable.com/vbg6yn
-Tenth Clip https://streamable.com/ekmo1x
-Eleventh Clip https://streamable.com/86wjy3
-Bonus https://streamable.com/w8mfer

Reminder : for the people who forget that the blue team it's whole idea is giving the best obeying prisoner last request and stop prisoners from escaping not murder prisoners for no reason

I hope that's enough and btw all of this clips were only in one day then imagine what was he doing the entire month... *Guess the answer*



May 18, 2020
Hi Eslam and Thank You for taking the time to make such a detailed report.
I've had several games with Demobach recently and i knew he would act like this eventually , here's the summary of what i was able to extract from every video :
-Baiting intentionally and massfreekilling on several occasions , ones where he baited , ones bc of meaningless days , ones bc of discrimination...
-Racist Remarks
he whipped you so hard you went back to slavery
-Discrimination against homosexuality "if you're gay i'll kill you" which was followed by a player stating he is a gay rights activist and getting freekilled for it.
-Incest day in which pairs of classes are gathered and ones with no pairs are kos which is literal freekilling.
-Extreme Toxicity and Player Disrespect.
Player will be
perma tbanned and will have his perma silence re-invoked. if he manages to bypass it as done countless times before he might get banned for it.
Once again ,
Thank You for taking the time and effort to make Flux a better place <3.
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