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Resolved Diet Observer's guard ban appeal

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Diet Observer

Aug 26, 2021
- Name of your Banned Steam Account?
Diet Observer
- Steam ID
- Date and Time of the Ban
I'm not sure when however, I got banned on I think the 24th, unbanned on the 25th and now I am banned once again
- Reason/Explanation of the Ban
I was in a jailbreak server and banned for inability to be warden, My computer tends to lag at really bad points. So I didn't want to be warden in fear I would just lag, so when I got warden twice I just kill binded because I would have lagged the entire game. Its either I crashed and came back to a guard ban or just got a guard ban right there. I decided to take it, the next day I was unguard banned to my surprise and went about as normal. However today it seems the guard ban has been reapplied and reset to the 31st I believe
-Admin that banned you
Again I'm not sure who banned me since I just logged onto the server about 10ish minutes ago.


Fajo the Money
Staff Member
Apr 10, 2020
Hi Diet,

To start what you provided was your SteamID64 and not the SteamID2 (which is what's required). Example: STEAM_0:1:12345100
Please make the corrections.


Heavy Lovers Guy
Staff Member
Dec 7, 2020
Hello, Diet

Yes, it was me the staff that teambanned you. The teamban was because you failed to be a warden whenever you were chosen to. I can understand that not everyone likes to be a warden, but when you join BLU, you join with the condition that you might end up being a warden. If that only happened once, there wouldn't be any problem, but when it happens more times, that's when it becomes a problem.

For my and your sake, I will accept your appeal and lift your teamban, but please, if you wish not to be a warden, do not join BLU team, since the next offense will come with a normal punishment with no way to appeal it.
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