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Declined BLAZEDbyCASH's REAL Moderator Application

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Jan 10, 2021
User name: BLAZEDbyCASH


Your Age

Does your Steam account have a VAC ban on record? No

Have you been punished in the last 60 days? Yes

Have you had an application declined in the last 90 days? No

Do you have a microphone? Yes

Have you read the guide on how to apply? Yes


Your SteamID2

Your DiscordID

Have you managed servers previously? No

On what server(s) would you like to moderate? Please list the server name and IP address.
Flux.TF | Jailbreak

Why would you like to become a moderator?
I love this community and i feel like most mods are not on when most things happen i watched alot of mfk and all kinds of stuff i kinda just wanna make things right most of the time people report them and i never see anything happen
i just wanna make the game more fun and not having to deal with mfk and force warden

Do you know and have spoken to any of the current staff members? Yes

Please let us know the names of staff members you have spoken to or know
the funny

When are you usually available to play?
i do online school so i can play 70 percent of the day

Please give us your ideal way of punishing players, specific to the server you want to moderate
1st offence warning
2nd offence is a mute for 30 minute
3rd offence is 5 hours mute
4th is day
5th is 2 days
6th is 4 day
7th is week
8th is 2 weeks
9th is a month

My ideal way would be getting proof and seeing what hacks he has but i would perm ban because the hackers will keep coming back if its not perm

Depending on how bad and what they say first offense is 1 hours mute,
second is 2 hours mute and
3rd offense is 4 hour mute
4th is 6 hour mute
5th is 10 hour mute
6th is 14 hour mute
7th is day mute
8th 2 day mute
9th 3 day mute
10th is 4 day mute
11th is a week
12th is a 3 weeks mute
13th is month mute

1 hour tban
3 hour tban
5 hour tban
7 hour tban
10 hour tban
12 hour tban
16 hour tban
1 day tban
3 day tban
6 day tban
1 week tban
2 week tban

Force warden:
Vote slay if didnt kill bind.
1nd offence 30 minute tban.
2rd offence 3 hour tban.
3 offence is 5 hour tban.
4th offence 9 hour tban.
5th offence 14 hour tban
6th is 1 day tban
7th is 2 day tban
8th is 4 day tban
9th is 5 day tban
10th week tban
11th month tban

force freeday:
1st warning
2nd offence is 30 min tban
3rd is hour tban
4th is 5 hour tban
5th is 10 hour tban
6th is a day
7th is 2 days
8th is 3 days
9th is 6 days
10 is week
11 is a month
12 is a perm

free kill:
Vote slay personaly i like letting the mass majority decide because it helps everyone be happy and get a say
2nd offense 1 hour tban
3rd is 3 hour tban
4th is 4 hour tban
5th is 7 hour tban
6th is 10 hour tban
7th is a day
8th is 2 days
9th is 3 days
10th is week

mic spam:
1 hour mute/gag first offense,
second offense 3 hours mute/gag.
3rd offense 5 hour mute mute.
4th is a 10 hour mute
5th is a 15 hour mute.
6th is a 1 day mute.
7 is a 2 day mute
8th is a 4 day mute
9th is a 6 day mute
10th is week
11th is month
12th is perm

helping with mfk:
2 hours and 30 minutes first offense
Second offense 1 day ban
3rd is a week.
4th is a month.
5 is perm
helping with mfk is healing with krits or encourging it or also killing people and stuff such as that

Blue teamate killing:
first offence tban 2 hours
second offense is 5 hours tban
3rd 7 hours tban.
4 14 hours tban
5 1 day tban
6 is a 3 days tban
7 is a week tban
8th is a month ban
9th is perm

2nd offense 20 minute tban.
third offense is a 3 hours tban.
4th offence is a tban for a 5
5th offence is a 10 hours tban
6th offence is 15 hour tban
7th is day tban
8th is 2 days
9th is 3 day
10th is 5 days

no mic:
tban till proven to have a mic

overtalking warden:
2nd offence 10 minute mute
3rd offense is 1 hour mute
4th is 3 hour mute
5th is 6th hour mute
6th is 8 hour mute
7th is day mute
8th is 2 day mute
9th is 4 day mute
10th is week

NSFW spray: spray banned

Lr denal:
1 hours tban first offense.
second is a 5 hours tban
third is 8 hours
4th is 10 hour
5th is 14 hour
6th is 18 hour
7th is 1 day
8th is 3 days
9th is a week
10th is month
11th perm

Telling people to break rules:
Tban 30 and a 30 min mute.
3rd offense 5 hours mute and tban
4th is 10 hour mute
5th is 12 hour mute
6th is 14 hour mute
7th is a 16 hour mute
8 is a day
9th is 2 days
10th is a week
11th is month
12th is perm

afk: move spec lol

Camping places where u shouldnt:vote slay. Second offense 1 hours tban.

alt accounts
depending on what they were banned for its going to be 2 hours tban

1 offense warning.
2nd 1 hours chat ban.
3rd is 3 hour chat ban
4th is a 6 hour chat ban
5th is 10 hour chat ban
6th is 13 hour chat ban
7th is a 16 hour chat ban
8th is a day
9th is 2 days
10th is 4 days chat ban
11th is week chat ban
12th is month
13th is perm

note: some stuff might be messed up I will change if u point out anything u would like to see changed

Is there any other information you would like us to know about?
I love source games and casual is unplayable so i love community servers and being able to help a community stay afloat is what i wanna do and im kinda new to community but have been playing jailbreak for 2 months and watching for years
i found that i really fit in on flux.I would love to help out

Are you proficient in languages other than English? No


Staff Member
Apr 10, 2020
Hi BlazedbyCash,

While we appreciate your desire to assist, we are going to look at other applicants at this time.

I would stop using those annoying binds and not openly type phrases like this: "I should mass free kill in blue and get team banned cause funny."
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