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Resolved Ban appeal (?) something I didn't do??

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Apr 9, 2021
I thought of being banned and muted for 15 days as my biggest punishment but then I got notified that I got perma banned forever for duplicate account???

I can only think of my brother who uses my laptop and also plays tf2 community servers in his own account that maybe got me into this situation because I know how duplicate account bans happen and I've never used a duplicate account

I have only been team banned from the Jailbreak server forever though I can still play but I want to go blu because I got me a mic so I can finally play blu this perma ban bothers me a lot

I got auto ban by a bot I think, because I do not seem to find anything related to my perma team ban on sourcebans except for this one, which it says unbanned but I ain't unbanned

- SourceBans URL = https://bans.flux.tf/index.php?p=banlist&page=14
- Name of your Banned Steam Account? = Dizzy from the twins
- Steam ID = STEAM_0:1:224959761
- Date and Time of the Ban = 2021-01-04 09:43:47
- Reason/Explanation of the Ban = duplicate account
- Admin that Banned You = Apple Pie


Fajo the Money
Staff Member
Apr 10, 2020
Hi Diggotz,

You have a total of 15 communication blocks; which led you to your permanent mute.

Apple Pie's ban was 7 days for circumventing your mute, which expired January 15th. If there's still an issue connecting to the servers, reach out to me.
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