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Recent content by Zømcøm

  1. Zømcøm

    plz make crep check day offical

  2. Zømcøm

    Declined pablomaster.2010's Moderator Application

    Declined the application was just a "shitpost".
  3. Zømcøm

    Christmas thread

    no wait till 23rd no december
  4. Zømcøm

    Declined Douva's Moderator Application

    Declined due to the app being a shitpost
  5. Zømcøm

    Im back

    well bullying is great but if you bully them more they will go instead of you to school but you will get an abstinance thing also make the reports rain
  6. Zømcøm

    Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    what do you mean cash the main update the tf2 dev team were able to do was silence the f2p masses in valve powered servers a long time ago no need to do another update for that for some time
  7. Zømcøm


  8. Zømcøm

    duck day jb suggestion

    hmm it seems it does
  9. Zømcøm

    Best Sauce

    cease your degeneracy degenerate
  10. Zømcøm

    duck day jb suggestion

    physically its impossible to do, the best that could happen is just to rename someone but still it wouldn't be "everyone becomes a duck." please rephrase the suggestion into something more realistic that could happen. yes this might be possible with mods but if you wanted to get something that...
  11. Zømcøm

    Rate The Song Above You

    well lets not think about the ones above so lets have this to rate
  12. Zømcøm

    Declined Top's Team Ban appeal

    Regardless if it was an accident you still choose to be a class that would be able to mass hit/kill the enemy team, also I'm still for that the punishment stands for 1 week if it becomes any shorter other people who might have nearly the same history of free killing as you do or none at all...
  13. Zømcøm

    Declined Top's Team Ban appeal

    Hello, Top you were team banned because you mass freekilled almost the whole entire red team with 2 pipes even though after that you did slay yourself proving that you did understand that you understand of what you did was bad; Also why didn’t you decide to use your melee and not your grenade...
  14. Zømcøm

    Remove Hot prisoner day and Underwater day

    but which one get removed? some might like underwaterday while others would like redday so which one
  15. Zømcøm

    burger king roleplay (im cashier and cook)

    no *waves a white flag*