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Server Rules

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May 8, 2017
These are the official Flux.TF rules. They were made in order to prevent chaos in the servers. If players fail to follow the rules, they may be given a punishment by an admin.

General Rules
  • Only English is allowed in mic and chat
  • Disrespect to other players and admins is not allowed.
  • Don't spam in chat or micspam.
  • Cheating and advertising of cheats are strictly prohibited.
  • Do not exploit maps or servers.
  • No inappropriate content. (Example: NSFW sprays, signs, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Admin impersonation is not allowed.
  • You may not block enemy team players from leaving their spawn if that spawn has a single exit. If a spawn has multiple exits there must always be at least one that is left unguarded.
  • Always listen to what the administrator is saying.
  • All advertising to different communities is not allowed.
  • Discrimination of other players is not allowed. This includes slurs.
  • Do not troll.
  • Treat players of all ages with equal kindness. Just because someone is younger than you doesn't give you the right to be rude to them.

Jailbreak Rules
Click Here

Deathrun Rules
  • Do not delay the round.
  • Death cannot lie about a Freerun.
  • No favoritism. (Example: Allowing your friend to get through the map but not allowing other players.)
  • Do not overuse Bunnyhop.
  • No ghosting.
  • You need to go past the trap if you lose in a Rock Paper Scissors Taunt.

Trade Server Rules
  • No scamming. Even if you're not scamming on the server, if you have been known for scamming you will be banned.
  • Do not beg for items, even if you are asking nicely.
  • If you are advertising a trade, please limit one ad per chat cycle.
  • Do not randomly trade with players.
  • Do not place sentries near enemy's spawn doors.
  • Do not sticky trap.
  • Spawn camping is allowed on trade and achievement servers due to the nature of the gamemode.
  • Do not interrupt traders if they are using their microphones. (This doesn't mean traders get to interrupt non-traders)

Orange x3 | 2Fort | Hightower Rules
  • Do not spawn camp.
  • Do not sticky trap.
  • Do not place sentries near the enemy's spawn.

Saxton Hale Rules
  • No camping/hiding as the boss.
  • No teaming.
  • Be actively playing the game and don't waste any time.
  • No ghosting.

Prophunt Rules
  • Do not delay the round.
  • Do not constantly change teams.
  • If you have spawned in late, just stay in your spawn and don't move.

Dodgeball Rules
  • Do not continuously steal the rocket.
  • Do not actively try to troll players. (Example: Standing in the way of the rocket, getting too close to teammates to get them killed, blocking, etc.)
  • Do not delay the round by holding the rocket or orbiting too long.

If you feel as though you were unfairly punished, make an appeal. Have a nice day playing on our servers!
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