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New Year's Drawing for 2019!


Happily Animating
Aug 13, 2017
Hey everyone, and Happy New Year! Just in time for 2019 and HALFtrackd13’s, Suislide’s, and my birthday, I have finished the New Year’s Drawing. Honestly, I am still in shock that I was able to pull this all off for you guys(Stream, drawing, etc.). I had a lot of fun streaming the progress of the drawing(and getting gnomed 16423 times). I also want to thank you all for the donations and the support, as I didn’t expect anybody to stay around for hours watching me draw or listen to the music I provided.

Here’s the list of users that made it into the drawing for this year. The population is 68(More than 2x of last year, 29).
-8-Bit Kitsune
-Aegeus Dusk
-Ainsley H
-Amalac Elexro
-An Android
-Benedevil(Mr and Miss)
-Doctor Red
-Dr. Anonymous
-Fish Related Crimes
-French Crouton
-General Zimmer
-Kyro the Pyro
-Leeroy the Janitor
-Lord Gaben
-Noodle Ball
-Steve H Oswald (Garfield)
-Tax Fraud
-Yelo Chey
-Ze Medic

Thank you all for another wonderful year within the Team Fortress 2 community! I had a lot of fun killing time within this game and making great friends to laugh with. I’ll see you all in 2019!

Please pin this or something idk???
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Sufficiently Lethal
Sep 3, 2017
Thats alotta detail geez, very good Jampoint.