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Good Day?


May 3, 2020
Hi, i'm yummabell but people might know me more as fragrance0161. I am #1 on the flux dodgeball and was also #1 before the rank rest, though i'm not the best around. If you watch me play i do lose most battles in dodgeball but keep reminding myself that's its just for fun. I also stream a lot on twitch under the name of "yummabell" that is where the name came from. I'll mostly stream dodgeball or trading and very rarely make poor clips on my yt channel. I'm happy to talk to anyone but my mic is very quite so i'll write a lot making conversations slower but easier to understand. Hmmmm... i guess that's it for me :), if you see me on dodgeball don't be affraid to say hi or even talk about your day, i might not always reply but i read everything.

If you are wondering about my background or back ground in tf2 then i can conferm it's boring but i'll have a go at making it more interesting.

TF2 was the first game i ever played on my laptop. I first got a look at it when i was around a friends house and his brother was playing it, he was playing dodgeball and it amazed me, that was around 7 years ago maybe longer. At that time the only games i had seen were games like "run 2" or games on cool maths games (R.I.P) I used to only play on the mario cart map, would wake up around 5 am to play. Would get the tv on and play tf2 before i had to go to school. Once i found that there were other maps, i knew i had to explore, at this point i found out what trading was. Though i never actually did it, i did kill a lot of people on those servers, it was my favourite place to play sniper. On that accound i was called "TheEaglesbro" because everyone picked a animal in class and eagle was my first pick, though at that time i didn't actually know what there were. Sadly that account was hacked and i lost everything on it, including the hundreds of pounds i spent on keys. Though it was sad to lose that account, i do have so many great memories on it, including me unboxing a strange grenade launcher and thinking it was the best item in the world, showing my dad and seeing his bored face but i knew i landed on gold. At that point i had come accross servers like strange counter builder, where you would pay someone to sit down for maybe an hour and let you kill them, so you can upgrade your strange to hale's own. To cut a story short i basically did this till where i am today, just jumping around and enjoying everything, still missing the bread update but enjoying all pyro updates.

A little look into my life, is that i'm the younges of 5, got 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I work where ever and do anything for money. if im not at college or home im working. I work in a estate agents as my constant job for 1 year now but i also work as a labourer, painter or builder. I have also worked in a pub in the kitchen and have of course done a paper round, which didn't last long.

Thats all for today :) if you find any spelling mistakes or gramma mistakes, just send me a message as i have dyslexia so it's bloody hard to find them.

Have a lovely day and stay safe in these horrific times!


Birb Mother
Staff Member
Aug 13, 2017
Hey Fragrance, happy to see you join the forums! You can use a grammar checker like Grammar.ly in order to find any simple writing mistakes. Hope to see you around more often, and R.I.P. loading lines.


Staff Member
Apr 10, 2020
Welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay here.