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Declined Admin Application

Aug 7, 2017
-Name: Madison
-Age: 14
-Steam name + ID: ( Both the name and the STEAM_0:xxxxx) madpan and my steam number is 76561198399159450

-Specify your time zone and rough play times~ My time zone is the mountain time and my rough play times are usually from 2-7 pm but it all depends on the day

-Have you been an admin before and where? Sadly no I have never been an admin before but I would really like to be one because I have high respect for them and what they do.

-What servers are you primarily applying for? The server that I'm applying to is the Flux.tf LA, this is my favorite server and I don't really go on any others very often

-Are you familiar with the admin role and commands? i.e.-what is expected of you Yes I am very aware what the admin roles are and I always try to enforce the rules upon other players.

-Why would you be a good addition to the servers as an administrator? I would be a good addition to this because like I said I try to enforce the rules upon other players and when it does get out of hand I contact an admin. also one thing is that I am on flux.tfLA quite a lot and I only see 3 admins and sometimes they are not able to go on which is fine and I would like to be a help to the players.

-Anything else you'd like to add - maybe a bit about yourself, i.e. - interests, hobbies, education, etc. etc. well I live in the united states and mostly what I do when I'm not playing tf2 would be going to swim practice and of course going to school one thing is that school does come first in this situation I might not be able to go on some days because I might be studying.


Sufficiently Lethal
Staff Member
Jun 11, 2017
woah huge improvement from the previous application. I played with you on LA jailbreak multiple time. As I said, if you are accepted, you would be the 3rd American administrator which would help Kat and I. Also, you are online every time I get on. My answer is pretty obvious, THUMBS UP for this application.

Nonetheless, good luck with your application.


Positively Inhumane
Staff Member
Mar 8, 2016
Although the application has definitely improved, the verdict as come to a decline, due to concerns about fast temper with players on servers.

Thanks for applying.