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Resolved Abuse of Donator Perms

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Jul 30, 2022
On this specific round there was an lr active that said every order that the warden made must be followed by a wet fart and moan noise I was the warden and I did this after every single order. The reds were lead behind the burger king and they were afk frozen on a marker (this was correct) I then said "Let's get on the roof of burger king" I did not do the noise which means this wasn't an order This would mean that any red that got off the marker would be KOS You cannot hear me talk in the demo recording however the reds do make reference to the burger king roof "order" and me not doing the noise being lr denial a donator vote slayed me after the KOS reds were killed which was an absolute abuse of donator perms.
tick 25000 is the start of the round tick 36000 is around when the burger king thing happened
The demo is too big to be uploaded on the forums.


Lv.85 Ball Inspector
Staff Member
Aug 1, 2021
The LR was illegal in the first place, according to the rules:
Anything that changes what the warden has to say (is not allowed)
So the order to go on the roof was valid, but this was just a misunderstanding by both parties and nothing serious, no punishment is necessary. Thank you for the diligence though, so if you notice anything else that could be donor abuse feel free to report it.
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