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Recent content by DeadlyDuck

  1. DeadlyDuck

    Add more lrs ( good Ideas down below)

    ahaha :madThoonk: 9 year old army moment :salt1:
  2. DeadlyDuck

    Face Reveal Thread

    @Zak[DZ] is Snoo me not good enough? ;(
  3. DeadlyDuck

    Face Reveal Thread

    my face reveal
  4. DeadlyDuck

    Declined Remove "Jail Night Dynf" from the map rotation

    Map good, too tired to elaborate:madThoonk:
  5. DeadlyDuck

    Weekend Event?

    @boop ur such a cutie
  6. DeadlyDuck

    Weekend Event?

    I like that idea @boop
  7. DeadlyDuck


  8. DeadlyDuck

    Weekend Event?

    Jb x10 weekend? I'll let this sit here
  9. DeadlyDuck

    Accepted Remove jb soviet

    Moonman saying LOL! haunts my mind
  10. DeadlyDuck

    Accepted Remove jb soviet

    I agree, remove jb_soviet
  11. DeadlyDuck

    Declined New rule for camping rebell spots

    I don't think this rule is reasonable. How do you plan to determine how long a blu is at the rebel spot?
  12. DeadlyDuck

    Top of the table

    Liverpool 2-1 Man City [Mane, Salah] [Jesus] Paul6011#9037
  13. DeadlyDuck

    Declined Remove jail_snowballsv20_opst suggestion

    I think that it would be a shame to remove this map based on how "ugly it is" when you can easily find a different way to go about the problems. I can see the warden markers but if it's that bad of an issue, the warden can tell the prisoners to crouch and follow them. This map is the only map...
  14. DeadlyDuck

    Roast the person above You

    the funny man is very hypocritical and unfunny you have to use someone else's idea and call it your own. get uno reversed on https://flux.tf/threads/the_funnys-moderator-application.2114/