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need more info on my ban

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Oct 31, 2023
I still need a little info on why i was banned at the time i believe i was on a uber upgraders server as heavy i had super high dmg and a lot of hp and i was flicking behind me and oneshoting people with the tomislav mind you missing like 60% of my shots and i dont know if theres any clips or if im even thinking of the same instance of when i was called out for apparent cheating but as of right now i have 4463.8 hours in tf2 i dont know of any cheaters that have hours like that or if that even matters to any of you but this is kinda of a trust me bro instance unless someone has any form of proof as this was like 2017 apparently ive personaly been called a cheater many many times for a long time now as ive been maining sniper for over two years not but as of 2017 i think i only really played engi im down to talk more about this if needed i just dont remember what i did to receive a ban as the attached screenshots in my ban appeal doesnt show what server i was in all it says is aimbot detected and i really dont think it was but theres seemingly no way to tell as of now


Wicked Nasty
May 18, 2020
Hi Rabbit,

Thank you for reaching out, We have reasons to believe your ban was justified.

Feel Free to engage with our Staff on our Discord Server, or reach out to me by Steam or Discord (.zedkay)

I Will be locking this thread for now and I request that you do not create any further appeal posts on the forums.

Thank you for your understanding!
Not open for further replies.