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Recent content by Banana

  1. Banana

    Accepted Vult's Moderator Application

    You are one of the better regulars, being much more mature and friendly towards others compared to some as well as being way more active than all of us. I expect nothing but good things for the server if you get accepted.
  2. Banana

    Favorite Flash Game of all time?

    Hands down motherload
  3. Banana

    Pending Badwater 24/7 server :)

    Robull why did you post this in server updates 😆 Added a poll that expires in 14 days.
  4. Banana


    ly gaz 😝
  5. Banana

    Declined Value votes from regulars more.

    I personally don’t think this is true. If it’s any consolation, we have discussed the possibility of using in game server wide votes regarding issues like RTD and possibly others.
  6. Banana

    Declined Cloud's Staff Application

    For once festive is right, you were a pretty decent before you took a break, spend some more time on the server and keep up that attitude!
  7. Banana

    Declined Allow double jump

    blues dont play minigames ;)
  8. Banana

    Declined Allow double jump

    Why not enable double jump only for blues?
  9. Banana

    Declined Add Jailbreak Among US v3 to the map rotation

    hes the map creator (i think)
  10. Banana

    Declined Add Jailbreak Among US v3 to the map rotation

    @owl youve got a fan
  11. Banana


    heya :) Make sure not to bully anyone ;)
  12. Banana

    Accepted Ali69's Moderator Application

    Hey there Ali! I feel as if you need to work on your punishment ladder a bit, look at other applications to get a better understanding of our punishment lengths (4 warnings for only an hour mute? Jumping from an hour to a day?) and cover many more hypothetical scenarios. What if someone is...
  13. Banana

    Discord suggestion

    Senior admin are for people that are actually active right? Dova and Ain are like the only ones I think of. Idk it seems kind of pointless. We should totally get rid of useless discord chats though.
  14. Banana

    Declined Auto-Enable Collisions on friendly-fire related things. (Cellwars, HG, etc)

    You know how when you walk into the opposite team, you can’t. You get blocked by them, turning on friendly fire gives that attribute to your team mates making it wayyyy easier to kill them.