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PSA: Recent Additions


Positively Inhumane
Staff Member
Mar 8, 2016
Okay so, the last couple days have been a bit crazy, so here's a full rundown of everything that's gone on. I rarely do threads like this because documenting every change would be a pain.

Jailbreak TeamBans:
Requested by @Death - offline teambanning for admins:
sm_addteamban STEAM_x:x:xxxxxx 1440 "This is a reason"

If you want to use multiple words in your reason, you need quotes around it.

Fixed checking for players with /checktban for admins - offline teamban checking now works properly.
FYI if you didn't know: all players have access to /tbanstatus to find out all information if you are teambanned or not, and who by.

Store + Contracts:
Here's the big add:
Store currently includes:
  • Titles
  • Colours
  • Fun commands
  • Strange titles by yours truly - buy the command from store, use it from your inventory to start your upgrade, with /ok to confirm it.
  • Buy donator with credits for a month - Storebot will give you the amount of credits you need to buy donator, more on him later.
  • You get given new contracts on a regular daily basis, you get credit rewards for completing them.
  • Having flux.tf in your name gives you a credit boost when completing contracts, as does being a donator.
  • Use /contracts for more information and settings.
  • Using /storebot in game will give you menu prompts for some options.
  • Storebot is a trade bot based on the in-game credit system.
  • Giving storebot metal/keys will make him give you credits, and vice versa.
  • You can add him here and check his inventory etc etc. Shoot him an add, and you can use commands like prices and stock etc
  • Simply send him a trade offer either taking items or giving, not both at the same time.
  • Storebot relies on Steam servers. Steam servers/API is not reliable. If Steam is down, storebot will also not function correctly. I have no control over that

New Donator Commands:
Added the following for donators:
  • /votekick
  • /voteslay
  • /votemute
  • /votegag
  • You get 2x credits
Any abuse of these commands will result in your donator rights being removed, with no refund. Do not abuse them.
Current threshold for votes is 65%.

Data reversal:
Small note on this, I did a large backend overhaul which caused a total reset of data, and the latest backup was from the 16th August, hence why all data after that point no longer exists. Everything should be back to normal now. If it isn't, please let me know what, and where.

I have plans for further optimisation in this area.



Positively Inhumane
Staff Member
Mar 8, 2016
All Deathrun and Jailbreak servers now have /rps, a simple menu based Rock, Paper, Scissors game for those who don't have the taunt, but need to settle things, man to man.