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Kia in a Nutshell

Kai 壊

May 1, 2022
What is up, I'm Kia.

I've been on Flux servers a ton the past 2 weeks but if you haven't met me or want to know more about me, now's your chance!

I'm a Canadian 4th year university student expecting to graduate in Spring 2023 with my Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Toxicology. I'm a huge fan of Sci-fi and Fantasy lore, specifically Halo, Star Wars, Dead space, Witcher, Dark Souls, Bloodborne + more. In my free time when I'm not playing videogames I'm either reading my favorite Manga (Berserk or Dorohedoro) or I'm outside at public airsoft games getting shot at.

While I may be pretty goofy and a minge sometimes, I'm pretty open-minded, honest and sincere during serious conversations.

You'll most likely find me on (Orange | 100% Crits) and I hope to see ya'll soon! ;)

Lord Gaben

Sufficiently Lethal
Sep 3, 2017