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Jailbreak Rules

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Fajo the Money
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Apr 10, 2020
What is Jailbreak?
Jailbreak is a custom Team Fortress 2 gamemode where the RED team are prisoners who spawn without any weapons and the BLU Team are guards that have weapons and damage boost to keep the prisoners under control. The prisoners are to follow the warden's orders and play minigames, or rebel if you're feeling devious

The rules outlined here are in addition to any rules specified in server wide rules. Click here to access those.

KOS = Kill on Sight. If a red is KOS then he is rebelling and needs to be killed
AFK Freeze: Don't move, don't look around. AFK command also implicit carries the AFM (Away from Mouse) command. This means no crouching or no jumping. Loop taunts are allowed, however, lethal taunts will be considered as rebelling.
WASD Freeze: Don't move, but you can look around and taunt.
Freelook: Means looking around. If the warden bans it, don't use your mouse, otherwise go crazy.
Freekill: When someone who is following orders is killed for no reason, it is a freekill. Freekilling can result in a temporary teamban or even a server ban in extreme cases.
Freehit: When someone who is following orders is hit for no reason, it is a freehit. Freehitting can result in a temporary teamban.
Bomb Rush - To take the shortest route to the destination indicated by warden. This implies no detours or delays.

Days are special commands in jailbreak that are given by a warden. Some examples of days are:
  • Out of cell rebel day - If you're outside of your cell, you will be KOS
  • Inside cell rebel day - If you're inside of your cell, you will be KOS
  • Lava day - Stay off the cell floors by getting on a bed, window, etc until the day is over.
  • Obby day, sweeper day, etc. - Do this minigame, don't stop until the day is over.
There are other many other possible days but these are the most common. The gist of a day is that you follow the command given until the warden says "[day name] is now over" or something along those lines. Wardens do not have to explain days that are defined above, prisoners may ask for clarification. The same day cannot be done more than three rounds in a row.

Days such as "RTV day" or "fire the warden day" are against the rules. Forcing players to enact popular change via commands, like the examples above, is against the rules and will result in a teamban.

The Warden is a special player who is chosen via the plugin, randomly, at the beginning of the round. The Warden’s job is to command the prisoners to go to places and/or play minigames on the map. To force warden at the start of the round via '!w' is against the rules.

The most recent order is the order which is to be followed by REDs. This means if recent order contradicts a previous order, the most recent order has precedence. This does not include days, wherein which days take precedence of order superiority

Warden cannot give impossible or infeasible commands, such as it being "inside cell rebel day and outside day rebel day".

At the end of the round, the last surviving prisoner will be given a last request from the Warden. The Warden may grant last request via the !givelr command.. The last prisoner will not be given last request if they fall into one or more of the criteria:

· Rebel

· Free Day (including those who lost their freeday)

Wardens and BLU players cannot favour prisoners. You must treat everyone fairly.

All BLUs must have a working mic that can be understood to a reasonable degree. All BLUs must also be willing to be Warden, this means that if you un-Warden, without good reason, you will be temporarily TeamBanned. Similarly, if your microphone is not understandable, you cannot be on BLU team.

If a red does not follow the wardens orders, at any point, they become a rebel. Rebels are to be killed by the BLU team as soon as possible. These players are considered a threat to a round and should be killed. Rebels can be only pardoned by the Warden; however, they can be pardoned in a maximum of ONE time. Individual RED players cannot be pardoned, the entirety of the RED team must be pardoned so as to not favouritism individuals.

However, there are some exceptions to RED players not needing to follow warden's commands. One of them are RED players whom have been granted a freeday from the last request by the previous round. These players are surrounded by blue coloured particles to distinguish them from the remaining players. The other exception is if a freeday has been granted to all. The whole RED are considered as freedays, although players are not marked and can be harmed, however, if a freeday (from any type) attacks a guard; enter the armoury; or hit breakables leading to armoury/ammo/escape route they will lose their freeday and become a rebel.

Guards cannot bait intentionally, and prisoners may attack you without becoming a rebel. Wardens are an exception to this rule in that they are exempt from being hit if they bait.

Warden cannot give the command 'BLUs cannot bait' effectively allowing free-rain for BLUs to bait however they wish. Exceptions regarding Freedays are still applicable in relevant scenarios.

If a BLU is baiting a RED, then the baited may hit the BLU whom had baited once. The BLU must be stationary and allow the RED to hit them. RED players cannot force-bait which is the action of intentionally of moving towards BLU or forcefully acting and enabling you to be affected by the actions below.

Baiting counts as:
  • Standing in a prisoner's melee range.
  • Throwing jarate/mad milk at a player
  • Airblasting/Shortstop pushing
  • Stunning, including but not limited to Holiday Punch
  • Revving/Spinning minigun without intention of shooting
  • Blocking
  • Entering the red side of a minigame with prisoners inside without being ordered to do so
  • Sniping without the intent of shooting
This is an exhaustive list.

If the Warden dies at any point in the round (disconnection, killed by RED etc.), another guard can type “ !w ” to take over Warden. In this case, prisoners have to follow the new Warden’s commands, and will be rebelling if they do not comply (previous warden's orders do not automatically carry over)

If no-one takes Warden, Warden becomes locked after a short period; meaning no one can take Warden. In such event, the round is considered as a freeday for the remaining duration. If there is one guard remaining and warden has locked, the last guard may kill all reds without it being considered freekill. Warden's are not allowed to un-warden to enable it to become Last Guard Kills All. Last Guard Kills All applies to rounds that were initiated as Freedays as well.

Ghosting when dead to give unfair advantage to any player via, including but not limited to, typing in chat location, health etc, is against the rules

Trick orders that play on the plurality of words, semantics, and other such indiscernible differences are not allowed. This includes order such as distinction between marker and markers

Cell wars, where friendly fire is turned on in cells and RED have to kill each other until last one standing, can only be done when there are 4 or less BLU, including Warden.

For any instance where friendly fire is to be enabled, the Warden must give prior ample warning before enabling it - otherwise enabling of FF will be in breach of the rules.

BLUs cannot camp in:
  • Armoury
  • The spawn room on Chretien
  • Medic
Being in any of these locations for more than 30 seconds counts as camping. Sticky trapping will also be considered as camping.

Freekilling is against the rules.

Freekilling is the action of:
  • Intentionally killing REDs with map objects (you can kill rebels with map objects)
  • Killing REDs without any valid reason.
  • Closing doors onto REDs when they are getting into minigame. Some of these doors can crush and kill the reds. (rebels are an exception)
Teamkilling is strictly forbidden, anyone caught doing so will receive a TeamBan from an administrator.

Guards have to stay with Warden, i.e. be active guards. The only exemption to this rule is if a guard is searching for a rebel/s, or in last request rounds, e.g. hide and seek, warday. Doing otherwise will make you an inactive guard. BLU guards do not require warden's permission to look for rebels. The guards should not look for rebels for more than 5 minutes, unless the remaining players are freeday and/or rebels. The warden cannot hunt/chase rebels and must consistently stay with non-rebelling REDs.

Freehits are not allowed. Freehitting is attacking a RED without a valid reason. If a BLU does freehit, the RED should be allowed to go to Infirmary; Warden’s authorization is required prior to going to Infirmary.

The Warden must repeat their order, if the following occurs:

  • REDs ask for a repeat (REDs collectively are only allowed to ask for maximum 3 repeats collectively for each order)
  • A player speaks over the warden, hindering REDs from hearing the orders. (If anyone overtalks warden, record a demo for admins to review, or use !calladmin
The warden may give orders to BLUs to make sure they do not press buttons etc. However, warden is NOT allowed to teamkill even if said BLU is not following orders. If a BLU is not following the warden’s orders, record a demo for admins to review, or use !calladmin

Players on the RED team are prisoners in TF2 Jailbreak. There are two main play-styles you can play as: a regular prisoner who follows orders for a chance to get the last request, or a rebel who tries to kill the guards and warden.

A few ground rules:
  • Prisoners are allowed to detour and delay unless explicitly stated otherwise by the Warden.
  • All prisoners have the right to clear orders. If a prisoner asks for a repeat, the warden should repeat his order - up to a maximum 3 collective repeats on RED team
  • All prisoners are equal, and cannot be favoured.
  • If a prisoner rebels, the warden is the only one who can spare them and pardon them.
  • Prisoners CANNOT be renamed unless it is the LR.
  • Prisoners cannot armoury camp nor camp Chretien spawn room.
  • Breaking (which means even only hitting it once) vents or walls that lead DIRECTLY to armoury/ammo is considered as rebelling. Other breakables (such as windows) are exempt from this unless Warden states otherwise
  • Breaking breakables in cells (that lead to escape from cells) even before warden has been assigned will automatically class you as a rebel
  • Aiding (healing, blocking guards etc) rebels will result in you becoming a rebel too.
  • Accessing vents and other areas (such as windows on JB.8bit) that lead to the armoury is considered rebelling, and you will be KOS
  • Ghosting when dead to give unfair advantage to any player via, including but not limited to, typing in chat location, health etc, is against the rules
  • Interacting with any object around the map that gives RED players buffs (i.e. speed) and/or interacting with escape mechanisms of the map will mark RED players as KOS.
If a prisoner follows all orders and is the last living player, they gets a last request. If the prisoner is denied his last request, the warden can be reported.

Blocking guards counts as rebelling. This can mean armoury, medic, or a doorway in general. You can however door glitch any door you wish as long as you are not preventing BLUs from entering the area until the warden or a guard tells you not to.

Cheating in minigames is allowed, unless explicitly informed of such by warden and that the warden has explained what cheating constitutes as.

At the end of the round, a prisoner is awarded an LR. This can be several things depending on the prisoners choice.

REDs do not necessarily have to finish a minigame to be awarded LR, unless explicitly stated such by warden prior to the minigame commencing. The only exception to this is minigames such as Diner or Theatre.

LRs cannot be given when the following occur:
  • When the round in Freeday for all
  • When the last remaining RED is a rebel
  • When the last remaining RED is a freeday
Custom LRs cannot be the following:
  • Anything that changes what the warden has to say
  • Anything such as "Give me last request again"
  • Anything that humiliates specific players
Custom LRs can be:
  • Hide and Seek
  • Hunger Games
  • Admin Only LRs (Drug all players, low gravity hide and seek, etc.)
  • Freeday Related
  • Any minigame
  • Up to your imagination!
Subsequently, a Death Request may be awarded by the Warden to the last non - rebelling prisoner, effectively allowing the RED to die a certain way, or allowing them to kill the guards.

Freedays are given out as LRs or if a warden opens the cells before giving orders. Wardens should not give freedays without a prior LR requesting such. Handing out freedays outside the bounds of LRs is punishable by being teambanned. If a BLU prematurely open cells without warden being assigned/or warden has not given orders yet, they will face a team ban. Freedays can do anything they feel like as long as they follow the rules below.

Freedays must:
  • Not interfere with the round in any way (Hitting/blocking buttons, blocking doors, blocking BLU players, and etc)
  • Not go into armoury
  • Not hit guards or the warden
  • Not lethal taunt aimed at BLU players
If a freeday breaks any of these rules, they instantly become a rebel.

BLUs are not allowed to unduly interact freedays via, including but not limited to, pushing with Loose Cannon or stunning with Holiday Punch. Doing so will result in a teamban. If Freeday becomes a rebel, such actions are permitted for BLUs.

Other than that, a freeday is allowed to do almost anything they want. The warden can however, give some commands to freedays. He can warn them not to block areas and tell them not to come in his melee range.

Freedays are also given on the first round post-map change. These are inbuilt via plugin and standard freeday for all rules apply

All rules here are subject to change. If an administrator deems you to be in breach of a rule, they will punish you as such.

This thread will be updated as needed by a Staff Member. A special thank you to @AinsleyH for polishing up the rules.
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Sufficiently Lethal
Aug 30, 2017
Change Log:
-Definition of bomb rushing - To take the shortest route to the destination which implies no detouring or delaying -Being in a place that leads to armory is KOS, such as being in a vent or the windows on jb 8bit -Door glitching armory is KOS for both freedays and normal reds -You do not need the warden's permission to hunt rebellers -The warden can not hunt/chase rebellers and must constantly be staying with the non-rebelling reds -Reds are allowed to cheat in minigames unless told otherwise and are told what is considered cheating -Reds do not have to finish a minigame to get LR unless said otherwise by the warden BEFORE they are the last non-rebelling red. The only exception to this is minigames such as Diner or Theater, where the last red must also participate in the minigame. -Orders override orders, this means that if the warden says an order not to do something, and then an order which makes you do that something, you follow the 2nd order and do it. For example: Don't leave your cell, and then go to the yellow line. Another situation is: Don't touch the ladder/stairs, Go to my marker. You would then disregard the first order and follow the second order. This does not apply to days. Days override orders.


Sufficiently Lethal
Aug 30, 2017
Change Log:
Clarified Last Guard Kills All is applicable to rounds that begin as Freeday
Clarified definition of camping to include sticky camping
Edited what are acceptable "days", banning days such as "RTV day"
Added new rebel criteria; interacting with escape mechanisms or giving buffs to RED is now considered rebelling.
Added new restrictions on how BLU can interact with Freedays, such as restriction of loose cannon or holiday punch of freedays by BLUs


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Aug 30, 2017
Change Log:
Clarified what is meant by interfering with round as freeday.
Added that lethal taunting towards a BLU player is against the rules as freeday.


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May 26, 2020
Due to the character limit, newly introduced rules will be put here for all to see in no particular order:

"Trust day," or any other similar day where you enable friendly fire for the reds, must not be enabled until at least one minigame has been played, and can not be enabled during the first minigame.

Friendly fire, can also not be enabled until at least one minigame has been played, this includes doing meatgrinder. The only exception to this is cell wars and hunger games.

In order to start a game of Simon says, you must say that you are playing Simon says. From then on, any order without "Simon says" at the start of it, is an invalid order and does not count, only orders with "Simon says" in front of it are valid and are to be followed. In order to end Simon says, Simon must say you are ending Simon says. For example "Simon says we are no longer playing Simon says."

When a red is given lr, they are not allowed to rebel and hit blues, they are however, allowed to run off and go wherever they want.

Cell wars is classified as a day.

In order to play shoot or don't shoot, the warden must be a sniper. You must then point your sniper rifle at a red whilst asking a random red "shoot or don't shoot." Shoot means to shoot the guy you are looking at and don't shoot means to not shoot the guy you are looking at. Reds are only allowed to say don't shoot three times in a row. Then the next time, the answer must be shoot. And then the reds can say don't shoot 3 times again.

In favouritism games such as theatre and diner, all alive blues must vote, the warden is not allowed to decide by himself. The majority decides whether or not the red lives or dies. If it is a tie, then the red lives.

Whilst asking for a repeat you must be afk frozen and not moving around and/or jumping around doing random things. If you ask for a repeat but are not afk frozen then the repeat is invalid and you can be considered rebelling.

Warden can't lie.

Low gravity LR is not a freeday

The afk or afk freeze command does not disallow using voice commands, meaning you can yell medic all you want unless told otherwise.
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May 26, 2020
Changelog: Added rules to favouritism games such as theater and diner.


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May 26, 2020
Changelog: Clarified AFK Freeze and clarified if low gravity LR was a freeday.


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May 26, 2020
Changelog: Added a list of banned trick orders
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