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  1. dork

    How to become well known

    until puberty hit and you became a menace
  2. dork

    How to become well known

    go take ur meds old man
  3. dork

    How to become well known

    I am popular for being poes lover
  4. dork

    1000 was unreasonable, count to 100

  5. dork


    /disco 1
  6. dork

    1000 was unreasonable, count to 100

  7. dork

    Resolved Is it just me, or the server that I'm joining isn't responding

    @RuneThunder I know this thread has closed but just to note: The MVM server you frequent on is, not :) Sadly you're right in saying its down, though.
  8. dork

    pavel. introduction

  9. dork

    Anyone miss Palutena

    palutena drowned my goldfish and tried to suffocate me with mayonnaise while I slept, fuck that guy.
  10. dork

    Declined Disable Shortstop, Enforcer, and the Sniper class in 100% Crits

    idk. like festive said all hitscan weapons can be annoying in crits, and even the most powerful ones don't prevent anyone from playing, you just have to outplay whoever is using them :) If 100% crits was intended to be fully balanced we would have removed crits from the serve ; )
  11. dork

    Returning, not on jb tho

    Thank you The Funny, welcome back bro.
  12. dork

    Best prisoner class in JB

    soldier, mge
  13. dork

    Returning, not on jb tho

    welcome back, babybarking
  14. dork

    Tara42 Introduction

    festive is a problem
  15. dork

    Pending Add ba_jail_casuarina_b5 suggestion

    can you include a link to the map-?
  16. dork

    dodgeball server maybe?

    I can't tell if you're joking lol, we have a dodgeball server mate :)
  17. dork

    Pending Update jail_snowballz suggestion

    why not
  18. dork

    palutena goddess of light