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  1. festive god

    Best prisoner class in JB

    The best scout set, is the baby face blaster, any pistols with the Wrap assassins. I don’t know who created it, but I will say I stole it and made it mine! Sniper also pretty ducking sexy as well ;) Can kill all blus with a nice headshot or an overcharged body shot Finally heavy with the fist...
  2. festive god

    Declined Report against wacky man (Highertower extended)

    Sorry, the evidence you have provide isn't much to support your claim, enjoy your day! If you can provide stronger evidence to suffice that would be great!!!
  3. festive god

    Returning, not on jb tho

    He got like denied cause he’s been a stupid one tsk tsk tsk
  4. festive god

    Returning, not on jb tho

    Eh, u seem to be the only one who cares :( does baby need his bottle?? ;) don’t worry big papa festive god is here to help!
  5. festive god

    Returning, not on jb tho

    Eh, that’s life….. at least you aren’t wild pootis :D
  6. festive god

    Returning, not on jb tho

    Meh, welcome back. Uhh nothing really changed expect banana and dork are both C-tier mods ;) oh and I’m still punny sexy festive god
  7. festive god

    Tara42 Introduction

    yall just can't handle my festiveness...... Weaklings
  8. festive god

    Tara42 Introduction

    howdy, I'm Festive God. god of festive's and I like puns, being a dick, and being super friendly but annoying in that certain way. Like your way to nice kid at your local school. Who could and probably is gonna be the next school shooter or serial killer.
  9. festive god

    Declined Report against Palutena Goddess of Light (Jailbreak)

    Denied, Reason being warden's last order was to afk freeze, simion isn't warden. Thus You jumping makes yourself kos, and it does matter. Otherwise enjoy your day!
  10. festive god

    Declined DanDaMan95's Ban appeal

    Denied- Getting picked up on our anit-cheat means you were definitely cheating
  11. festive god

    Declined Report against connectiveCoder (Classic 2Fort)

    Denied, guys chat logs are not really toxic, and if are need more context, your demo isn't showing anything what's so ever. Denied
  12. festive god

    Declined thegreattailz's Gag appeal

    That isn’t a correct steam Id, to find it. Get your profile URL and use flux’s findsteamID to get your steam ID. Thank you!!
  13. festive god

    Resolved real deathless hack's Ban appeal

    You're right, I misconnected your account to a different one. My bad and apologies for the delay and wrongful ban. Enjoy your day!!
  14. festive god

    Favorite Flash Game of all time?

    thats funny, your dad said that as well when i asked, he said "mine is also to run 2" XD
  15. festive god

    Resolved Report against Orange (jail break)

    Player has been dealt with, thanks for the report and enjoy your day!!
  16. festive god

    Declined Value votes from regulars more.

    Undercover my man, I’m always undercover. I know it was you cause u were playing solider with the air strike, I think it was an skin unusual. Dork knew it was me. Anyways getting off point, you can see people do play Hightower. Don’t be assuming they don’t cause you don’t seem em.
  17. festive god

    Declined Value votes from regulars more.

    So, you accuse me of not playing on Hightower, cause u haven’t seen me. Yet I do play on it and have played with you. This is an issue I think y’all aren’t seeing. Everyone has their voice and thoughts. I try to play on all severs of flux, have I? Probably not. Doesn’t mean my thoughts mean any...
  18. festive god

    Declined Value votes from regulars more.

    Can ya like, give an example of some players who don’t play the game mode that voted on a change?
  19. festive god

    Completed Extend time from 5 minutes to 8 minutes during VSH LR

    i say 8 mins, 10 mins seem to long. Or maybe base it on the amount of reds, just like how the hp is based on the amount so should the time
  20. festive god

    Declined Cloud's Staff Application

    You were a good person, but ya took a break, a long one. I suggest u play some more and get ehhh how do you say “reinstated” into flux again. Just so i can observe you and see how u interact with everything agian. Till then I ain’t a yes or a no. Though u did help me tons with reports on people...