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    Declined Top's Team Ban appeal

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    Declined Top's Team Ban appeal

    Regardless of the mistake, accidents do happen and I've never been one to freekill on purpose as you would know that since you've seen me play manyyyy times. I'm not saying remove the punishment but make it shorter because context matters, i missed one pipe and it just rolled to the edge of the...
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    Declined Top's Team Ban appeal

    User name: Top What is your type of punishment? Team Ban Where were you banned from? Servers What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:1:84400311 Who has punished you? Idk Why were you punished? Accidentally crit the entire team Why should we revoke your punishment? Bad aim, kinda havent...
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    Accepted Report against Top (Jailbreak)

    i was hacked i swear
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    What's your favorite Jailbreak map? + Why Alkatraz is my FAVORITE Jailbreak map.

    8bit is just objectively the best map
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    Resolved Cool map

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    Adding a New Gamemode

    tf2ware slaps id love that
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    Declined guardban appeal

    I mean idk why you're saying "after a few days" when it literally happened today, you then continued to try and bribe me with cash lmao and you clearly havent listened to me when i clearly said 3 times "Appeal in 2 weeks and its all good as long as you change your behaviour. ONTOP of all of...
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    Accepted thecal's Ban Appeal

    I get that you're new buddy its fine we all make mistakes, however if you're new to the game its recommended that you play on red for a while to pick up on other wardens mannerisms and such so you can learn yourself. You probably didnt mean to dodge the punishment soooooo im willing to give you...
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    Resolved Cool map

    https://gamebanana.com/maps/211009 also yes you can cause the volcano to erupt.
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    Declined Apple Pie's 2nd Moderator Application

    +1 Very dependable person and would make a good addition to the team.
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    Declined Oli's 3rd application

    Yeah he was probably an ass a few years ago but hes pretty nice now so id give him a +1 (Everybody can change)
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    Declined Gaster's Moderator Application

    https://bans.wonderland.tf/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=Gaster&Submit=Search Might not be you but ive been told about this, wanna explain bud?
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    Declined Petition For Warden Crits.

    i cba to argue this anymore, it happened get over it already.
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    Declined Petition For Warden Crits.

    "probs none"
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    Declined Petition For Warden Crits.

    :/ its just silly at this point
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    Accepted SolarIgnis' mod application

    +1 Cool dude whos pretty polite to new players and overall informs people about the rules so id give him a chance.