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  1. waleed the MEEM

    Declined Ghost and trying to team kill

    Name of the rulebreaker(s) _sᴇɴᴛɪs and ShadowYogi - Steam IDs of the above [U:1:190276364]=Shadow [U:1:884106016]=Sentis - Rules they broke, and an explanation or some background info Sentis told warden to enable ff to teamkill me and Shadow Ghost when i was hiding before sentis try to kill m -...
  2. waleed the MEEM

    Jailbreak respecting and respecting kids

    Dear admins can you make admins to gag not respecting players and kids because all players in flux are leaving because they are getting bulled so can players can play peace and in rules it say respect players but all just decline it they will be gag for 1 hour
  3. waleed the MEEM

    Declined Jailbreak admin

    Name MeeM age 11 (it close to my bday so i be 12) have i been admin no reason why you should you be admin because there is freekill and i like to join because there is freekill non mic warden while i am on server i get freekill and there is breaking rule players timo can't be there he is...