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  1. GreGre

    Show your Desk :caveBob:

    Got bored so why not making this hah. aight, show me yours now hehe.
  2. GreGre

    Read Me Resigning

    I'm going to resign, thanks all of you.
  3. GreGre

    Show me your PC Specs

    Heres mine:haha:
  4. GreGre

    Server Rules

    These are the official Flux.TF rules. By joining our server(s) you hereby acknowledge and accept our rules and terms. General Rules Only English is allowed in mic and chat. Do not disrespect other players as well as Staff members. This includes use of racial slurs, discrimination, toxicity...
  5. GreGre

    Jailbreak Rules

    Alright guys, if you have seen the title YES! Thats right! There will be adding rules to jailbreak servers. When are they added if you ask? i don't know yet but soon as possible. Stay tuned for more updates!
  6. GreGre

    New player in town

    Ayee, alright i'm gonna introduce myself. My name is Timo (real name), just joined this community cuz why the hell not. 16 years old, lives in belgium, i like frogs (don't ask me why). And yeah nothing much to say anymore i guess bye