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  1. CashPrizes

    Declined Suggestion Regarding HP

    This didn't gain any traction and the number of votes did not reflect much interest.
  2. CashPrizes

    Declined Remove Rebel Status (The Glow Red's get when they hit a guard)

    Not worth it for this reason alone. Include a 2 week duration next time.
  3. CashPrizes

    Replace current Minecraft jb map with this one

    Show a slight bit of intelligence and add a 2 week poll duration.
  4. CashPrizes

    Declined Add Jailbreak Among US v3 to the map rotation

    This map is extremely unstable and the textures are not aligned properly. It hasn't even been tested properly according to Bene.
  5. CashPrizes


    It's already been added.
  6. CashPrizes

    Declined comrade's Moderator Application

    Yeah it's going to be a hard no. Someone who purposely encourages rule breaking isn't a good fit for Moderator.
  7. CashPrizes

    Accepted Add ba_amazonjungle_v1 suggestion

    Map has been added. Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. CashPrizes

    Accepted Add "Highertower_Extended (Limitless) to The Map Rotation

    Suggestion accepted. It's been added into the rotation.
  9. CashPrizes

    we need minecraft good map :)

    If I remember correctly jb_minecraft_dynf_v10b was removed based on a forum suggestion.
  10. CashPrizes

    return the old hopjb map v8

    As far as I'm concerned it's not a server issue. We haven't received a single complaint of performance issue since the map was added.
  11. CashPrizes

    Accepted Balance out teams during Warday LR

    This point says it all. Not many people voted on the poll regardless.
  12. CashPrizes

    Accepted Remove minecraft daylight jb map suggestion

    Map has been removed from the rotation.
  13. CashPrizes

    Donor key donation need changes

    I'll second what Noodl mentioned. If in the future more players have an issue with the key cost we can have a discussion about reducing it.
  14. CashPrizes

    Donor key donation need changes

    I reduced the cost by 50% months ago. Most players who contact me generally do not have issues with the key cost when donating.
  15. CashPrizes

    Remove jb_minecraft_daybreak suggestion

    This is a redundant post to @Ginger's original.
  16. CashPrizes

    Declined LR Suggestions

    Thread denied as per user request.
  17. CashPrizes

    Help needed for video i making slowly , music/background music..

    I will personally let you airblast me off the ledge for 1 key. Should make for excellent footage.
  18. CashPrizes

    Accepted Add ba_amazonjungle_v1 suggestion

    If it continues to receive adequate updates from the map developer then it would be worth trying.
  19. CashPrizes

    Declined Remove JB Snowballz V23 from the map rotation suggestion

    Tears of happiness flow down my face. This map will stay in rotation.
  20. CashPrizes

    Declined Bongwaterwizard's Ban appeal

    When you're ready for a genuine change, re-appeal in a month.