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  1. Rvban


  2. Rvban

    Declined mehmet gaming's Moderator Application

    Please, don't apply for mod again. Ever.
  3. Rvban

    Declined Mute appeal

    You were written and told that you were micspamming, your mic was on making in-game sounds, especially the Scout throwing the baseball ball which is kinda annoying. He even gave you a final warning on big white letters on the center of your screen
  4. Rvban

    Roast the person above You

    The person above me is probably into traps
  5. Rvban


    Dork monkey
  6. Rvban

    Pending Lr suggestions

    Make a different suggestion about it, but I kinda already know the opinion of most Staff
  7. Rvban

    Pending Lr suggestions

    You didn't answer my question, but yes, I like that LR
  8. Rvban

    Pending Lr suggestions

    I suppose that with the 1st one, it would start with only 1 RED, right? Can't imagine beginning with 18 REDs against 3 BLUs xd
  9. Rvban

    Declined Remove BLU class restriction in Prophunt

    Title. In case you didn't know, you can't play that LR as a BLU Scout, for example. Poll open for 14 days.
  10. Rvban


    So, I guess now is a good time to introduce myself Hihi, everyone, I'm Rvban (or you can call me Rubén, however you want), 23yo, Heavy enthusiastic, and the new Mod (even newer than festive, can you believe that?) Not sure what else people write on these things, but I will try to bring some...
  11. Rvban

    Resolved Report against P1NKSTER & jojodel84 (Jailbreak -

    User name: Rvban Who are you reporting? P1NKSTER & jojodel84 What server game mode is the report concerned with? Jailbreak - What is the accused persons's SteamID? STEAM_0:0:435473649 - STEAM_0:1:580954403 What is the reason of the report? Harassment to each...
  12. Rvban

    Accepted Lr recipient cant attack blues

    I actually had to look up on the server rules, because I can't believe it isn't already in there. From what I've seen on LRs, killing the RED before choosing his LR was considered free-killing, but yeh, I guess that if it isn't in the rules, then it is a gray area.
  13. Rvban

    Accepted Discord activity roles

    Also I'm 99% sure there is a bot that instead of counting the number of messages, it counts the amount of characters you write, so it isn't obvious that someone gained XP by just typing a a a a a a a a in every message
  14. Rvban

    Accepted Discord activity roles

    A way to probably encourage people using the Discord server is to add special roles once you reach a certain "EXP". This can easily be done by bots, and I saw that the server has already one, but not sure if it already logs in user activity. Poll open for 7 days.
  15. Rvban

    Accepted Rvban's Moderator Application

    User name: Rvban Name Rvban (Rubén, name me however you want) Your Age 23 Do you have at least 3 days of accumulative playtime on our servers? Yes Does your Steam account have a VAC ban on record? No Have you been punished in the last 60 days? No Have you had an application declined in the...
  16. Rvban

    Declined Renewal of Warden menu

    Hihi, everyone! So, from my times being a Warden, I've noticed there are some "options" from the Warden menu that are either redundant or don't work. These options are (from what I remember): Toggle Medic Room Invite prisoners to BLU (not sure if this is the right name) Also, from the server...