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  1. dork

    Declined Dorks Moderator Application

    User name: Dork. Name: Caleb or Torin. Your Age: 16 Do you have at least 3 days of accumulative playtime on our servers? Yes Have you read the guide on how to apply?: Yes Have you been punished in the last 60 days?: No Have you had an application declined in the last 90 days?: No Do you...
  2. dork

    help me with final school project that would be epick

    Yo. So I essentially gotta redesign/market a movies promotional poster :) like the sorta ones you see in a cinema or on posters yknow. any movie suggestions will be really appreciated cus I'm struggling, cheers!
  3. dork

    not exactly new but 🦶

    hello gamers:) names dork or caleb, either is fine 👄I come from land of potatoes I main medic/scout smh
  4. dork