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  1. EggWasTaken

    Roast the person above You

    The guy above me misspelled "monkey"
  2. EggWasTaken

    Roast the person above You

    That guy up there is rotten pie :c
  3. EggWasTaken

    Accepted EggWasTaken's Moderator Application

    I see, thanks for spotting such mistake, consider the ladder added.
  4. EggWasTaken

    Accepted EggWasTaken's Moderator Application

    User name: EggWasTaken Name EggWasTaken Your Age 14 Do you have at least 3 days of accumulative playtime on our servers? Yes Does your Steam account have a VAC ban on record? Yes Have you been punished in the last 60 days? No Have you had an application declined in the last 90 days? No Do...
  5. EggWasTaken

    Accepted Extend time in Prophunt

    That would be a reasonable change, increasing the time will only do us good by extending an already fun LR 🥚
  6. EggWasTaken

    brody's first giveaway

  7. EggWasTaken

    Accepted Add Jb_hopjb_v10 suggestion

    Checked out the map. I'd say it's generally improved. Don't know how I feel about the removal of deathrun though but I think it will make a pretty good addon to the map rotation. 🥚
  8. EggWasTaken

    Declined Ban shoot or dont shoot

    I'd say to generally keep the mini game. It sure isn't fun for everybody and I'm sure we all understand that, but I've witnessed a lot of reds clearly enjoying the game. I once heard multiple reds cheer the game once announced that it's going to be played. I've also heard reds cheer the warden...
  9. EggWasTaken

    brody's first giveaway

    no its mine
  10. EggWasTaken

    brody's first giveaway

    no, it's mine
  11. EggWasTaken

    brody's first giveaway

    We indeed win these
  12. EggWasTaken

    brody's first giveaway

    Welp, you'll get a kiss :0
  13. EggWasTaken

    brody's first giveaway

  14. EggWasTaken

    Declined Add jb_conspiracy suggestion

    Map looks kinda bad but I'd say we give it a try and see what will happen.
  15. EggWasTaken

    Roast the person above You

    Man has to learn how to spell properly. ngl your grammar sucks
  16. EggWasTaken

    im a carrot

    And I am an egg 🥚
  17. EggWasTaken


    Goodbye boop, every time I play hat in time I will be thinking about you :(
  18. EggWasTaken

    Accepted Trust Day/Meat Grinder

    Sounds only fair. Without this rule the warden can just do meat grinder and end the round in less than 30 seconds