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  1. Dovakin3004

    Declined starvepro's Moderator Application

    When we ask for your SteamID, we don't mean your Steam name.
  2. Dovakin3004


    Granted but they are only law abiding irl, ingame every player is a rulebreaker. Wish I had a high paying job
  3. Dovakin3004


    Granted, but the Nutella expired. I wish I had more unusuals
  4. Dovakin3004

    No need to be a wanker Hugo

    No need to be a wanker Hugo
  5. Dovakin3004

    Lord Gaben's app

  6. Dovakin3004


    Welcome to the forums
  7. Dovakin3004

    Worst meme of 2018?

    Fortnite and anything to do with it
  8. Dovakin3004

    Yelo has arrived with his bucket of yellow paint

    Welcome to the forums
  9. Dovakin3004


    Welcome to the forums
  10. Dovakin3004


  11. Dovakin3004


    Welcome to the forums! Enjoy it here.
  12. Dovakin3004

    Why has flux gone down hill?

    Probs the toxicity and how it drives away new players
  13. Dovakin3004

    The big leaving letter

    Reee why am I not on the most hated Anyway, sad to see you go.
  14. Dovakin3004


  15. Dovakin3004

    Declined Goose man thingys admin app

    Declined due to Perma ban.
  16. Dovakin3004

    Declined Hugo Admin application

    Flux 54 Comms blocks 8 Bans Blackwonder 3 Comms blocks 2 Bans Toxic in the servers and on the forums Disrespectful to both other players and admins. terrible application, no effort put in. No.
  17. Dovakin3004

    New Year's Drawing 2019 Prep

    Heavy Unusual Dragonborn helmet, Effect: smoking The leftover trap, Paint Color: Muskelmannbraun (lighter brown) The heavy lifter Festive australium minigun Genuine robo-sandvich (don’t ask why) Professional killstream apoco fists
  18. Dovakin3004

    Declined Apply For Admin

    Hi @doglover We have decided to Decline your application. This is due to you not using the correct format and plagiarism.
  19. Dovakin3004


    Welcome to the forums
  20. Dovakin3004

    Um hey there, didn't see you.

    Welcome to the forums