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  1. Dova

    Strangest thing you saw while playing jb

    Probably when someone (Probably Jerry) used the car on Jb_famous_final to complete the obby.
  2. Dova

    Pending Get rid of vs hale server and replace it will the old ff2 server

    FF2 is just vsh with more bosses isn’t it?
  3. Dova

    Pending Remove jb soviet

    How do people hate Jb_soviet and like Jail_snowballz. but yeah its really boring to play 90% of the time.
  4. Dova

    Declined New rule for camping rebell spots

    Eugh snowballz
  5. Dova

    Declined New rule for camping rebell spots

  6. Dova

    Declined Itachi uchiha <3's Team Ban appeal

    Your steamid ≠ your ign
  7. Dova

    Top of the table

    1-1 (Rashford) (Mane) dovith the legend#5872
  8. Dova

    Pending Remove jail_snowballsv20_opst suggestion

    User name: Dova Which map is the suggestion about? jail_snowballsv20_opst What is suppose to happen to the map? Remove Why do you want this map change? The map is an ugly, outdated mess which is never fun to play on. The white floor means warden markers can be difficult to see and is...
  9. Dova

    Resolved 's boomer appeal

    I apologize for the inconvenience that was caused. After a thorough review based on a demo provided you are now Unbanned. Please continue to enjoy our servers.
  10. Dova

    Resolved Report against SoapMaker and Cornei

    Because the chatlogs are bugged, I couldn't really find much for Corne apart from this: "Corneliu Vadim Tudor: Can someone say nick Gurr in the mic?" (insinuating the N-word) but that's about it unless I'm just Blind and Deaf. SoapMaker has been muted and gagged anyway. Thanks for the report.
  11. Dova

    Resolved Team kill

    Player was Teambanned; thanks for the report.
  12. Dova

    Resolved Micspam + mfk

    Player has been teambanned; Thanks for reporting.
  13. Dova

    Resolved FBSPY's Team Ban appeal

  14. Dova

    Declined BettyBowser69's Moderator Application

    Your steamID2 Is not your profile link. Your steamID2 starts with "STEAM_".
  15. Dova

    Resolved report against epic pootis man

    Player has already been banned. https://bans.flux.tf/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=STEAM_0%3A0%3A139776348&Submit=Search The report is appreciated anyways.
  16. Dova

    bring new maps to jb

    we only have one version now. The og one with the car was removed
  17. Dova

    Declined Nerf the 1.5x damage down

    oh fuck not this conversation again.....
  18. Dova

    Resolved Report against Google Matt (Flux.tf | Jailbreak

    Player will be teambanned permanently. Thanks for reporting
  19. Dova

    Resolved Report against hellohellohello (Jailbreak)

    Searched through the chat logs, n word, homophobia, toxicity. he will be gagged