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  1. Zømcøm

    Accepted Zomcom's Moderator Application

    User amen: .λd Zømcøm Name Zomcom Your Age 16 Have you been punished in the last 60 days? As far as I know I have not I have not been punished in the past 60 days. Have you had an application declined in the last 90 days? No. Do you have a microphone? Yes. Location Lithuania Your SteamID...
  2. Zømcøm

    about the !fire command

    my suggestion is that the fire command shouldn't be enforced by the rules but it should be enforced by the plugin. what do i mean: you can only fire half of the alive blu team, if the number of the blus is an uneven number(3,5,7,9,11.)then it would round up to be an even number (2,4,6,8,10.)...
  3. Zømcøm

    Resolved add something to all mods

    I suggest that all mods should have the ability to do 30 min mutes and gags, slays and kick from the server on all flux servers - this would be so a mod could come to a server and temporarily fix the problem that is currently on hand. From what i've seen when there's a problem on a different...
  4. Zømcøm

    an addition to the rules.

    an addition to the rules i think are needed about the days: this is what i think should be added "when there's a day active and somebody baits, you still have to follow the day and if the red doesn't follow the day trying to hit/kill the baiter, it would result in the red being KOS." this is...
  5. Zømcøm

    Resolved add something to all blus

    i suggest that all blu's should be able to view the opposite teams player steam names. it would help out when a guard tries to kill a red rebeler and is trying not to kill a non-rebelling red. also if there are more than 1 red at the end of the game who's not rebeling and he got lr but none of...
  6. Zømcøm

    Hello there!

    Hello there! I’m Zomcom, I like to play on the jailbreak server because it is fun, but when there’s nobody on jailbreak I either go and play casual or on a tf2 parkour server and sometimes dodgeball too. Currently, I don’t just play tf2 some other games too like Rainbow six siege and l4d2...