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  1. CashPrizes

    Declined God of Loafs's Moderator Application

    I left your application open longer than usual to see if you came up with a basic punishment ladder. You haven't. I thank you for your interest in helping the community, but you are not the best suited candidate at this time.
  2. CashPrizes

    Community Givaway 2

    Congrats to 'Reverse' on Discord who won this months raffle. Stay tuned for December's giveaway for another opportunity.
  3. CashPrizes

    Declined Top's Team Ban appeal

    The initial duration of 7 days will remain.
  4. CashPrizes

    Resolved world's Team Ban appeal

    Prove to any staff member in-game that you have an intelligible microphone and the teamban will be removed.
  5. CashPrizes

    Read Me Ready to Submit a Report?

    Once you have collected sufficient evidence, submit your case by CLICKING HERE. All the preselected fields must be completed in order for the request to be processed.
  6. CashPrizes

    Resolved Report against Dova (discord name Almost-Festive Dova) (Jailbreak or any kind of a server of Flux)

    After much discussion the original ban has been modified to 7 days. Flux.tf will not tolerate nor accept behaviour that is perpetually negative and toxic. If a player has significant punishment history and continues to with his/her actions, a ban may be subject in the future. All players have a...
  7. CashPrizes


    You should absorb his soul.
  8. CashPrizes

    Accepted boop's Moderator Application

    Hi Boop, After discussion with the Staff I’d like to welcome you to the expanding Moderator team. You can expect a discord message from me later today. Accepted.
  9. CashPrizes

    Glad to have you back. :)

    Glad to have you back. :)
  10. CashPrizes

    Community Givaway 2

    How about I just gift you some items myself after the raffle concludes?
  11. CashPrizes

    Resolved Report against Dova (discord name Almost-Festive Dova) (Jailbreak or any kind of a server of Flux)

    An internal review is underway. The person in question who is banned will be contacted directly.
  12. CashPrizes

    I'm shivering with fear.

    I'm shivering with fear.
  13. CashPrizes

    Community Givaway 2

    The title says it all. These are the leftover spoils from the recent event we hosted on the Crit server. This time one lucky winner will claim the entire prize pool. Next raffle will be in approximately one month. Thank you for continuously playing on our servers. Click here to enter and good luck!
  14. CashPrizes

    Nerf sniper on 100% crits (plz)

    The server will remain unchanged. I could add a vanilla Orange server in the future if enough interest is there.
  15. CashPrizes

    Accepted Unteamban appeal

  16. CashPrizes

    Declined oofy_the_duck's Moderator Application

    I don't think you possess the basic cells to take this position seriously. There is no effort here whatsoever.
  17. CashPrizes

    Declined Kuergul Burpuen's Moderator Application

    You were gagged today for 24 hours from Wonderland.tf for homophobia. Not to mention you received a very recent teamban from Panda. You are 100% not fit to become a Moderator.
  18. CashPrizes

    How can i delete my own thread?

    As a registered user on the forums you are able to edit your own thread. Nothing more. Closing.
  19. CashPrizes

    Declined palutena goddess of light

    We're done with this.
  20. CashPrizes

    Declined palutena goddess of light

    If the thread title is exactly the same as your forum name, then I can't take you seriously.