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  1. sugarr

    we so back (no we aint!!!)

    we so back (no we aint!!!)
  2. sugarr

    flux facts!1!

    Did you know there used to be USA servers? someone had asked for them a long time ago but no one ever used them ive only seen them have 4 players MAX on their servers
  3. sugarr


  4. sugarr

    Anyone miss Palutena

  5. sugarr

    Returning, not on jb tho

    Welcome back dork
  6. sugarr

    Declined BruhMoment69's Mute appeal

    From your last appeal no. Stop appealing
  7. sugarr

    Declined Update jail_snowballz suggestion

    Nut Sax anyways my opinion this map is an maybe for me so I won't vote for now
  8. sugarr

    Declined BruhMoment69's Mute appeal

    Hello good men I know your here about your mute but I have one thing to say your mute comms history. It is quite expansive and for that reason alone I will not being unmuting you incase of another mute/comm ban
  9. sugarr

    Declined Value votes from regulars more.

    All votes should be counted equal Our regulars are a small group of people not a huge one So a regular vote shouldn't be more They should be equal
  10. sugarr

    Declined Remove Random crits

    Get good at dodging then if ya playing scout you can basically dodge anything so goes with any class if ya play your cards right. And I disagree they are unbalanced since they add an element will I end this fight or will I have a little chuckle
  11. sugarr

    Declined Remove Random crits

    Random crits are fun Fight me
  12. sugarr

    Declined Lower sv_minrate

    How the fuck do people beat the bhop system. Bruh
  13. sugarr

    Roast the person above You

    The person above me now has the curse of: Stubbing your toe in the middle of the night!
  14. sugarr

    Count to 1000 without breaking the chain

    11 And 12
  15. sugarr

    Count to 1000 without breaking the chain

    5 and 6
  16. sugarr

    Count to 1000 without breaking the chain

    Let's bring this back from the dead 1
  17. sugarr

    Declined Allow double jump

    Scout can easily kill anybody and everybody. Blus already have guns, more DMG, and can easily coordinate and attack on rebelling reds easily. Plus behind all that scout can be the best class if played correctly. I hope this has changed your mind!
  18. sugarr

    Declined Allow double jump

    Added poll, also I disagree with this simply cause most maps have minigames that say "Double jumping is death" or "double jumping resets" so why would we enable this? Also scout is the fastest class he can easily avoid 99% of rockets and pipes or can easily kill a heavy ( if le heavy sucks)
  19. sugarr

    Replace Highertower US with Deathrun

    Added poll
  20. sugarr

    Declined palutena goddess of light's Moderator Application

    Ok paul you can look at our accepted apps for guidance and also look at the How to apply guide made cash himself that can be found here https://flux.tf/threads/moderator-application-example.1799/ However please do not copy and paste