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  1. Ginger

    Cryillics moderator application

    While the punishment ladder is formatted quite odd, and is a bit difficult to read (especially with the whole x nonsense), the punishments do look good and don't seem to extreme or anything. I have played with Cryillic in the past and can say that he does have a very good understanding of the...
  2. Ginger

    Preparing for New Year's Drawing 2021

    Yea sure, I'd love to be in the drawing :). Here's my spy loadout which I really like.
  3. Ginger

    Declined Tokyoswift's Moderator Application

    While the punishment ladder is formatted weirdly and the punishment times are in my opinion a bit odd in that they jump from small to big, it doesn't really matter to me as we can just teach him the proper punishment ladder. This looks like a pretty good application. I can vouch and say that...
  4. Ginger

    Accepted Apple Pie's Moderator Application

    This application looks amazing, if not perfect. I played with Apple pie in the past and can say that he was kind and a good player. And for other reasons stated in previous applications, I can say that I think Apple pie would make a good moderator.
  5. Ginger

    What's your favorite Jailbreak map? + Why Alkatraz is my FAVORITE Jailbreak map.

    Supermario is my favourite cause of the obby speed glitch, I don't like alkatraz because it looks bad and I hate the piten secret.
  6. Ginger

    Answered Adding a New Gamemode

    Maybe we can bring back jailbreak x10
  7. Ginger

    Answered Adding a New Gamemode

    A regular 12v12 server with rotating maps maybe? Like casual but on a community server with rtv and stuff and no random crits.
  8. Ginger

    Answered Remove underjail

    I want the map underjail to be gone. It has the stupid monoculus spam which makes extremely loud noises and is annoying. And the extremely easy to do infinite uber glitch. Please vote on the poll. Get rid of this terrible map.
  9. Ginger

    Accepted whatevs's Moderator Application

    This application looks good and it seems clear that you have experience being an admin. I have not played on orange remastered, so therefore I have never seen this person though but he seems like he could possibly be a good addition to the moderator team. I'm going to be neutral until I see...
  10. Ginger

    Declined japanisletters's Moderator Application

    The application seems terrible to me, the reason he wanted to apply was that he 'got kinda bored' and his punishment ladder is non existent. I have seen him a few times but not a lot. He seemed like an okay person, but a bit immature. Overall, a -1 from me.
  11. Ginger

    Declined Apple Pie's 2nd Moderator Application

    The application looks good to me although the punishment ladder is a bit harsh, but that's not that big of a deal to me. I have seen Apple on the servers a bit and he seemed like a friendly and mature guy. He always plays at times which are usually times where moderators and admins are not...
  12. Ginger

    Declined Oli's 3rd application

    For reasons stated in the previous application, this will be a +1 from me
  13. Ginger

    Declined BettyBowser69's Moderator Application

    I have definitely seen betty on the servers often and he is quite an active player. He does sometimes make up rules though and can be quite immature. I have also seen him abusing exploits/glitches such as the latespawn glitch but I don't see him do it anymore. The application however, is also...
  14. Ginger

    Accepted SolarIgnis' mod application

    The application definitely looks good and has clearly had effort put into it. The punishment ladder is a bit harsh, but not that big of a deal. I have played with Solar on the servers a bit and he definitely seemed like a good player to me. Overall a +1 from me.
  15. Ginger

    Accepted Top's Moderator Application

    Looks like a good application to me and I can say that he has been kind and helping on the jailbreak server. I think he would be a good addition to the moderator team. +1 from me.
  16. Ginger

    Ginger abusing Power Be like.... {Report against Ginger}

    I am joking I am not making a proper report If u dare to use this to report on ginger i will delete this video Your report isnt going to get accepted Since this isn't a proper report, I guess I'll just close it. I don't really see this as admin abuse and I was just having a little fun and wasnt...
  17. Ginger

    Accepted Ignis' Discord mute appeal

    This seems like a good appeal to me and I think it would be a good idea to accept this appeal. I remember hellyoshi and he is definitely different now then he was before.
  18. Ginger

    Accepted 's dwadawdwa appeal

    I am fine with your teamban getting appealed, please do not freekill again, or it will be permanent and you will be unable to appeal it.
  19. Ginger

    Declined Tokyoswift's Moderator Application

    I have seen Tokyo Swift on the server a lot, and I can say that I think he would not be a good moderator for multiple reasons. Firstly, every time I have been on the server with him, he would always start ranting about how much he hates specific people on the server, such as me, Top, and Osome...
  20. Ginger

    Accepted This was deserved

    I do agree with Manlord. Looking back on what happened, I regret making it permanent and feel like it should have been 1-2 weeks instead. I was just used to the constant influx of people who come on to the server and just mass freekill for fun and then just leave immediately and I realize that...