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  1. Jampoint

    Sad Dodgeball Hours ;v;

    Sad Dodgeball Hours ;v;
  2. Jampoint

    Declined Appeal Template

    We don't unban cheaters. You've been caught by BlackWonder and Flux who both recorded demos on you and you've been banned by SMAC on Skial. &advType=steamid']Skial Blackwonder
  3. Jampoint

    Preparing for New Year's Drawing 2021

    Oh dang, it's that time of the year again. I'm going to be smart this year and I'm going to begin earlier than usual to get a head start. For those of you that don't know, the New Year's Drawing is an annual artwork I do for the communities I am in, and I try to draw as many members as possible...
  4. Jampoint

    Community Giveaway

    Hunger Games Giveaway when?
  5. Jampoint

    Accepted DemoBach's Mute appeal

    Hey DemoBach, It does seem a little risky at the moment to unsilence you. I have noted that you appealed from both BlackWonder.tf and Panda.tf, even though you copy pasted on both of them. You also had gotten another ban from Wonderland.tf during the time frame of now and back when you made your...
  6. Jampoint

    No sad

    No sad
  7. Jampoint

    Disgusting behavior

    Hey Manlord. It's pretty disappointing to hear that some Jailbreak players were heavily harassing a child. However, we cannot do anything about it if we do not see it and if a report isn't submitted. I recommend checking out the report form if you have some evidence of this occurring, and make...
  8. Jampoint

    Declined Perma Muted- Appeal - DemoBach

    Hello DemoBach, good to see you made an appeal, even though you didn't follow the format. I permanently silenced you as seeing that you had gotten 5 comm blocks within 1 week. Not only that, while I was in the server, you constantly tried to poke at me, and it was pretty obvious due to how you...
  9. Jampoint

    Accepted Manlord's Team Ban appeal

    You have already been unteambanned, as I discussed the rules with staff. On the other hand, this appeal is slanderous. First off, you left before I could even respond to what you were saying in Admin chat. Here's your time on the server: And here's my time: At the same time, I used to be an...
  10. Jampoint

    lol what did i miss

    Hi Oil, I'm America.
  11. Jampoint

    Declined youssef's Moderator Application

    Hello Youssef, good to see you made an application. I would love it if you can expand on your application. It's lacking in major areas, especially the punishment table. I recommend reading these two forums to edit the application. Application Guide Application Example On the other hand, I...
  12. Jampoint

    Jim we all know yours is communism

    Jim we all know yours is communism
  13. Jampoint


  14. Jampoint

    It's a me, Console

    Oh hey Console, welcome to Flux! I think Cash may have some dirt on you though. Imagine that, a double blackmail. :blobguns:
  15. Jampoint

    Hello there

    Welcome to the fourms! Don't let the :haha: intimidate you.
  16. Jampoint

    My introduction

    Welcome to the forums! Still, keep an eye out for Ainsley.
  17. Jampoint

    Declined The banana man's Moderator Application

    Hey The Banana Man, good to see you made an application. I really doubt you are ready to be a moderator for Flux.tf. The application is very lackluster, which I recommend reading these two threads: Moderator Application Guide Moderator Application Example You have a tendency to break rules not...
  18. Jampoint

    Accepted Report against "Pareidolic god" and "testingstuffidkxd" (Dodgeball)

    Both players are banned permanently, thanks for the report. Please submit another if there is another problem.
  19. Jampoint

    Accepted Report against "Pareidolic god" and "testingstuffidkxd" (Dodgeball)

    Hey Fragrance, can you submit the recording here? I don't see one posted here on this report and we can't do much without evidence.
  20. Jampoint

    Haha, foot lettuce

    Haha, foot lettuce