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  1. Zømcøm

    palutena goddess of light

    please try to rewrite what you meant currently it doesnt mean anything no ego please
  2. Zømcøm

    palutena goddess of light

  3. Zømcøm

    hmm where did prouders reports go?

    hmm where did prouders reports go?
  4. Zømcøm

    Answered Cool map

    what will the changes be i wonder :?
  5. Zømcøm

    What's your favorite Jailbreak map? + Why Alkatraz is my FAVORITE Jailbreak map.

    my favorite map is jb_district_a4fix mostly cause of the looks of the map
  6. Zømcøm


    wish granted, it can get to 120 km/h in 5 seconds, but topels over with just a slight nudge at that speeds i wish for a pack of carier pigeons (pigeons that went extinct after some time of a WW).
  7. Zømcøm

    Ooh Chain

    ? how about chugga chugga chugga chugga choo choo? chugga
  8. Zømcøm

    Stop this now

    kiddos wear whatever you want but remember the more childish and popculture you add in your clothes will mean that you have a less chance to get a normal friend/gf also with the second option the people wearing this might be wearing clothes like this cause they are well trying to make up for...
  9. Zømcøm


    wish granted, you are always happy no matter what, and all you can show is happiness everyday every time. i wish for a bag of seeds
  10. Zømcøm

    Rate The Song Above You

    6/10 personaly would not listen to that my self
  11. Zømcøm

    New Adding a New Gamemode

    prophunt maybe?
  12. Zømcøm

    Declined ScoutMain788's Moderator Application

    being "nice" will mean staff are forced to neglect the truth and fail to address and highlight issues with your application . please try to edit the app to be more fitting for acceptence if you dont know what you could add i suggest look at the other accepted apps and look at whats missing...
  13. Zømcøm

    New Adding a New Gamemode

    jailbreak 10x, 2x hp ?
  14. Zømcøm

    New Adding a New Gamemode

    with random crits but no brazil
  15. Zømcøm

    New Adding a New Gamemode

    maybe see if you could get the parkour plugin with the maps
  16. Zømcøm

    Declined lastyear2020's Moderator Application

    the app seems rushed and you seem to be unqualified to be a staff member by the application so its a -1 from me. good luck on editing the staff app to be better and to fit the community standart
  17. Zømcøm

    Introducting: FluxBot

    i dont know kiddo
  18. Zømcøm

    Introducting: FluxBot

    noods would you be able to add more wacky comms for kiddos to use?
  19. Zømcøm

    hi guys im new to flux.tf

    welcome to the community. remember no car pirate is a pirate without a car. also welcome back from the long holiday
  20. Zømcøm

    Rate The Song Above You

    the rate is to the olis song?