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  1. SolarIgnis

    Declined Thegoldenhotdog's Moderator Application

    The punishments in general are inconsistent and weird. Some are too lenient, such as the ones Dova posted, or the sprayban stuff (though sprays dont even work lol), while others are too harsh (perma ban for admin impersonation?????)
  2. SolarIgnis

    Declined Thegoldenhotdog's Moderator Application

    Even if you were regarded as good staff, it seems a bit weird to just pay to apply with no previous trust. If there were people to vouch for you it would definitely help. Also ??? Changing my thoughts to neutral with the improvements to your app, just barely.
  3. SolarIgnis

    Declined Thegoldenhotdog's Moderator Application

    Yes you can. The punishment ladder is there to give us an understanding of how you’d deal with rulebreakers, without it we don’t know how independent you can be. Look at literally any accepted app from this year On top of that you don’t know any current staff members, which is important for...
  4. SolarIgnis

    Declined ScoutMain788's Moderator Application

    (oh and also -1 for exactly the same reasons dova listed)
  5. SolarIgnis

    Declined lastyear2020's Moderator Application

    It's not even been an hour. The app is just as lazy as your previous. Declined.
  6. SolarIgnis

    Declined lastyear2020's Moderator Application

    Your application is still rushed. Your punishment ladder is basically nonexistent and you haven't specified what time you're able to play. The only improvement over your deleted one is that you provided your SteamID. If you're writing apps "in a hurry", it proves you aren't ready to take a...
  7. SolarIgnis

    Accepted thecal's Ban Appeal

    I've shortened your ban to 3 days, which I hope you can wait out. Like I said, I don't agree with an unban, but I'm willing to make the punishment less harsh given the circumstance. Next time it's advised to stay on RED until you're familiar with the rules. Next offence will be a week ban should...
  8. SolarIgnis

    Accepted thecal's Ban Appeal

    Hey cal, In general it's agreeable that it's generally not a good idea to play BLU if you don't know how to play warden very well, and it's ESPECIALLY not a good idea to randomly spray flames at people approaching you who haven't even rebelled. On top of that, the previous round, you did start...
  9. SolarIgnis

    Accepted whatevs's Moderator Application

    Congratulations :D
  10. SolarIgnis

    Accepted whatevs's Moderator Application

    I don’t play very much on Orange Remastered and therefore haven’t seen you around, but like Ginger said it seems you have quite a bit of experience being a moderator. You seem quite mature, so I’ll leave my response as neutral leaning to +1. Don’t forget to apply additions to your app via the...
  11. SolarIgnis

    Cool map

    I loaded the map and explored it in an empty server for around half an hour, and I'd confidently say I'd love to see it added. It looks and feels amazing, the music isn't obnoxiously loud and is more ambient, some pretty cool rebel spots and games. Definitely a +1 on this, good find mate
  12. SolarIgnis

    Cool map

    Looks great, I’m definitely a sucker for volcanic/mountain base stuff This could definitely be a worthy replacement for underjail
  13. SolarIgnis

    Remove underjail

    I completely agree and have been saying this for ages; the monoculus spam is annoying, the uber exploit is EXTREMELY broken and the map in general is just not fun to play on. I don’t know how it hasn’t been removed yet. also it plays the same loud ass undertale music for the entire round meaning...
  14. SolarIgnis

    Declined Oli's 3rd application

    I remember Oli had a negative reputation a few years ago, and I definitely believe people can change. Oli is definitely a less toxic person than before, and knows the rules quite well. The only thing he could improve on at this point is a few unnecessary comments, which even I could say aren't...
  15. SolarIgnis

    Petition For Warden Crits.

    I personally never minded warden crits. Without them people can easily just rush the warden and kill him instantly. I say yes to bringing them back
  16. SolarIgnis

    Rate the song above you: Negative Edition!

    Hey all, Scott here! Remember the original thread? Post a song you like, rate the song above you, let people do the same thing? Today I present my own twist: instead, post songs you dislike. Maybe hate, maybe even despise. Think of the worst possible song you can think of that you just really...
  17. SolarIgnis

    Accepted SolarIgnis' mod application

    Hi Ginger, thanks for your feedback. Sorry this was a bit late, I was waiting on more mods to share some opinions I took another look at my punishment ladder and made some parts of it less harsh; the specific edits being addressed at the bottom of the app.
  18. SolarIgnis

    Accepted SolarIgnis' mod application

    Username: SolarIgnis Name SolarIgnis Your Age 16 Have you been punished in the last 60 days? No Have you had an application declined in the last 90 days? No Do you have a microphone? Yes Location United Kingdom Your SteamID STEAM_0:0:165699872 Your DiscordID Ignis#3034 Have you managed...
  19. SolarIgnis

    Rate The Song Above You

    8/10, the Fall Guys soundtrack is amazing
  20. SolarIgnis

    why i should bee adnim on flux jalibreak (hel yoshis admin aplacation)

    dswediuhjkae uiwlqfukgwefrukhy tahnk u all. i wil not disapoint. best adminn ever :blush: