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    - Name: Cameron Morrison
    - Age: 32
    - Steam name + ID: XxXGnomercy_quesadillas , STEAM_0:0:188277831
    - Have you been an admin before and where? No
    - Are you familiar with the admin role and commands? ie - what is expected of you: Yes I need to speak and write good english be approachable and friendly to users. I am also familiar with the console commands eg. kick, ban and autobalance commands.
    - Why would you be a good addition to the servers as an administrator? Because I am dedicated friendly and am online often.
    - Anything else you'd like to add - maybe a bit about yourself, ie - interests, hobbies, education: I am a swimmer and enjoy playing my flute and piano which I play at flute : grade 6 and Piano : grade 4. Untill now I havent been on the forums but am willing to if you require me to.
    Many thanks Cameron,
    PS will the reply come through my email or forums?
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    I haven't really seen much activity/involvement in chat etc to get a good grasp of what you'd be like as an admin, so unfortunately I'd have to decline currently, if you get your playtime up and get a bit more known, feel free to apply again!
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    how do you be a admin