Pending Report against 5/6 freekillers, all in the same group.

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    Jul 30, 2018
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    Names: Pixelkinghunt, Rose, pr1me, Sgt. Sniper, kc1n.
    Steam IDs: [U:1:414436545], [U:1:160506657], [U:1:80119698], [U:1:209972242], [U:1:308299606], IDs are not in order with names.
    Rules broken: Mass freekill, mass favoritism, teamkilling, blames lag upon freehitting and freekilling, continually says "read the rules" after breaking said rules, illegal cell wars/meat grinder, illegal days (wait day, where you are forced to stay in cells for as long as possible), saying "freekill" when reds rebel, etc.
    Evidence: (this is only partial, they're still going at it an hour from when I recorded the demo)
    Side note: As soon as I entered spectate, they started calming down. They're still breaking rules like before though.
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