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    Ah, welcome to Jailbreak Rules in Flux.tf
    First, let's start off with explaining how Jailbreak works:
    Jailbreak is a game-mode, with both two teams called: PRISONERS and GUARDS
    A Warden will be selected and you'll have to follow his orders (The Warden will give out orders by voice communication) or else, face the consequences. A Last Request (commonly denoted by LR) will be given to the Last Prisoner that followed all the Warden's orders and didn't die.
    Though, if you didn't really understand how Jailbreak from my explanation here's a YouTube video
    explaining how Jailbreak fully works:

    Now, the explanation is put aside, let's begin with the rules in Jailbreak:
    • Every GUARD in BLU must have a fuctional, good microphone, if you don't have a microphone, don't go to the GUARDS team
    • You must cooperate with the Warden, if he says an order and you see that there is a PRISONER not following his orders, kill him immediately, if done otherwise, that will be considered as favouritism (will be explained later on)
    • You must be an active guard by staying with the Warden, not playing around with Minigames.
    • Do NOT kill a PRISONER without an appropriate reason (example: killing a PRISONER that has followed the Warden's orders) because that will be considered as FREEKILLING.
    • Armory camping is strictly forbidden (applies for Warden and Guards) and definition of it will be explained later on.
    • If you are selected as Warden, you are strictly forbidden to retire, as it'll be considered FAIL AS WARDEN.
    • You are not allowed to BAIT, the definition of it will be explained later on. (Applies for both GUARDS and the Warden)
    • All Guards are required to follow the Warden's orders as if it is for them (for example: Warden says that he is the only one allowed to hit buttons.)
    • Mass Freekilling may lead to a long period of teamban or ban.
    • Overtalking the Warden is forbidden (voice communicating while the Warden is talking)
    • Guards are not the Warden (cannot give orders to the PRISONERS)
    • You must be voice communicating in English, otherwise you might get teambanned.
    • If you are selected as Warden, you will have to give orders, like: crouch walk to the yellow line and etc.
    • Every WARDEN must provide orders before opening cells, if the cells are opened without giving orders, that will make it a FREEDAY
    • The Warden must not provide impossible orders (example: saying "you have to crouch at all times while playing Steady Pace")
    • Warden is also needed to be STRICT with his orders.
    • Warden can't give orders to a Freeday, they are allowed to do anything except interfering with the round.
    • If you are the only player on the guards team, and you are selected as WARDEN, you cannot kill all the PRISONERS, even if all your GUARDS get killed, you are not allowed to kill all PRISONERS unless they are REBELLERS.
    • The Warden MUST announce Friendly Fire before enabling it, otherwise it will be considered as ILLEGAL FRIENDLY FIRE.
    • The Warden must give the Last Request to the Last Prisoner that has followed all the Warden's orders (to give lr, type in chat !givelr or /givelr)
    • If there are 4 players or more in the GUARDS team, the Warden cannot enable/announce Cellwars, because the GUARDS have the opportunity to kill any REBELLERS, Cellwars are only used to decrease the number of alive prisoners.
    • You cannot team-kill (killing your team-mate in the GUARDS team) and this also applies for the GUARDS.
    We are now done with the GUARDS rules, let's move onto the PRISONERS rules and also some information about them.
    • PRISONERS may follow the Warden's orders, but if they don't want to, their status will be considered as a REBELLER and the GUARDS team are allowed to kill the REBELLER.
    • Getting ammo from the armory is considered REBELLING, where also the GUARDS team are also allowed to kill the REBELLERS.
    • Hitting GUARDS or Warden will be considered as REBELLING, if the Warden allowed you to hit any baiters, then you are allowed to do so ONLY if they are Baiting.
    • If you are a Medic class as a PRISONER, and heal someone that is considered as a REBELLER, you will be also considered as a REBELLER as you are helping them.
    • Shouting out "FREEKILLER" when it clearly isn't could get you gagged.
    • If the Warden says that you can hit baiters, then you may do so, if the Warden says you can't and you hit the baiter, then you'll be marked as a rebeller.
    • If you get a weapon instantly after starting a round, do NOT use it unless you go to the armory, doing so can get you banned as it's considered exploiting.
    • Blocking the door (preventing the GUARDS to get out of the minigame) will mark you as a REBELLER.
    • Interfering with the round OR activating a Minigame is not allowed, if so, that'll also mark you as a REBELLER.
    • Hitting a GUARD or a Warden, will mark you as a REBELLER, same for the PRISONERS.
    • You may not follow the Warden's orders, as if you are a freeday
    Friendly Fire: Means that you'll be able to kill your team-mate
    Freekill: Killing a Prisoner without an appropriate reason.
    Mass Freekilling: Killing multiple Prisoners without an appropriate reason.
    Freedays: They are given by another PRISONER or they gave themselves a freeday.
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